Novotel Review: Save on Hotels in Troyes, France

NOTE: This hotel has left the Novotel Group and is now the Golden Tulip Troyes hotel.

Great Deals on Novotel Troyes Airport Hotel near Outlet Factory Store Shopping Malls

The family-friendly Novotel Troyes Aéroport with a swimming pool offers great deals for cheap but comfortable stays while saving when shopping at McArthur Glen Outlet Mall and other factory stores in Champagne.

Novotel Troyes Aéroport Hotel Novotel Troyes Aéroport Hotel Novotel Troyes Aéroport Hotel Novotel Troyes Aéroport Hotel

The Novotel Troyes Aéroport is a comfortable, family-friendly hotel with a swimming pool, quietly located in the northwestern outskirts of Troyes in the Aube en Champagne region in France. The Novotel Troyes Airport hotel offers great deals and very cheap stays for advance reservations. The family-friendly rooms have a double bed and a sleeper couch to sleep up to four per room in comfort – two children under 16 stay for free. The Novotel Troyes Aéroport is a great deal for families, especially over weekends when business clientele stays away and prices drop.

  • Do use major internet hotel reservation services to see what prices are available on Troyes hotels but booking directly with the Novotel will usually give the best price, special offers especially for early reservations, and the best cancellation options.

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Top Sights and Châteaux in the Loire Valley

Travel to Orleans, Tours, Blois, & Amboise, France

Renaissance chateaux are to many the best sights and main attractions of the French Loire Valley. Historic cities such as Orleans, Tours, Blois, and Amboise are worth seeing too.

photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik

The historic towns and châteaux of the Loire Valley are popular sightseeing destinations for travelers to France. The Loire Valley played host to French kings and noblemen during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries when the court stayed at various palaces along the Loire. Paris and Versailles only became the centers of political power in France from the end of the sixteenth century onwards.

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See Top Chateaux in the French Loire Valley

Blue Skies over Château de Chenonceau

Visit Château de Chambord, Cheverny, and Chenonceau near Paris

Châteaux along the Loire are among the top sights to see in France. Chambord, Cheverny, and Chenonceau palace can be seen on a day trip from Paris but staying in the Loire Valley is rewarding too.

Blue Skies over Château de Chenonceau

The châteaux in the Loire Valley to the southwest of Paris are amongst the most popular sights to see when visiting France. This region is famous for its wine, fine food, and numerous châteaux associated with royalty and high nobles during the Middle Ages and Renaissance period. Loire Valley chateaux often combine elements from castles, palaces, and manor homes into stately country residences. Many date at least partly from the Renaissance when development in weapons meant thick walls were no longer impregnable to cannonballs. Castles had little strategic value and many were converted into comfortable and less drafty palaces. These mansions popular with the French nobility during especially the 16th century are now amongst the most popular tourist attractions in France.

  • The three best Loire Valley châteaux are arguably Chambord (the largest), Cheverny (the most elegant), and Chenonceau (the most romantic).

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R301 Travel from Geneva Airport to Towns in France

Direct Buses & Trains to Genève Aéroport (GVA) from Lyon, Grenoble, etc Cheap buses, transfer services, and trains from Geneva Airport (GVA) in Switzerland go to French towns such as Lyon, Grenoble, Chamonix, and Alpine ski resorts. photo credit: bribriTO Geneva International Airport (GVA) is on the Swiss-French border. Genève Cointrin Aéroport is used by … Read more