Review Novotel Venice Mestre Castellana Hotel in Italy

The Novotel Venezia Mestre Castellana is a modern midscale hotel with swimming pool and family rooms sleeping four a short bus ride from Venice.

Family Room in the Novotel Venice Mestre Castellana Hotel

The Novotel Venice Mestre Castellana is a great hotel choice for families and drivers when visiting Venice in Italy. The hotel is thoroughly modern but comfortable with bedrooms that can sleep up to four. During quiet periods, the hotel offers good value for money. An outdoor swimming pool is great for relaxing after a hot day of sightseeing in Venice, which can be reached in around 20 minutes by direct bus from the hotel. The Novotel Venice is in the modern suburbs of Mestre, directly next to the highway, which is very convenient for drivers. Ample free parking is available.

The Novotel Venice Mestre Castellana Hotel

Novotel Venice Mestre Castellana Swimming PoolThe Venice Mestre Castellana is a typical Novotel hotel. It is modern and functional to the point of almost being a bit sterile. It may be a bit characterless but the upside is that the hotel and rooms are comfortable and clean with reasonable amounts of space and free parking.

The Novotel Venice has a spacious lobby with fast free wifi internet. As with most Novotel hotels, iMacs with Internet and printers, as well as an Xbox Kinect with motion sensors and active games, are available in the lobby on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The restaurant serves the standard Italian Novotel menu, which is modern but not particularly adventurous or too stereo-typically Italian. The breakfast buffet is reasonable – good by Italian standards but travelers from many other regions might have expected a more varied spread.

The outdoor swimming pool is great for relaxing in after a warm day of sightseeing in Venezia. A small gym is also available.

Bedrooms in the Novotel Venice Mestre Castellana

Novotel Venice Mestre Castellana BedroomThe bedrooms in the Novotel Venice Mestre can sleep up to four, with children having to share a double bed foldout sofa. The standard double bed is fairly hard but comfortable.

The bedrooms use the light mostly naturally colored wood furniture, which looks good. Closet space is somewhat more extensive than in many other Novotels of a similar design, which is nice for travelers keen to unpack.

The bedrooms has a kettle with coffee and tea making supplies, a bar fridge, and minisafe. Free wifi is available – ask for a code at check in – but at busy hours become frustratingly slow making it worth getting dressed to use the much faster wifi access in the lobby area.

The bathroom fortunately still has a proper door off the side of the room and thus does not light up the whole room in the middle of the night, as is common in many newer Novotels. As usual, the Novotel is generous in the supply of towels and toiletries for a family of four.

The hotel has air conditioning but when visiting in October, the system may already be switched off for the winter season. The large windows can open, although road noise may be a problem in rooms facing the highway.

Location of the Novotel Venice Mestre Castellana

View from the Novotel Venice Mestre CastellanaThe Novotel Venice Mestre is very conveniently located for drivers in a northwestern suburb of Mestre just off the highway A4 (exit Castellana). Ample free parking is available. More secure parking is €6 per night but the exit gates were open all three mornings during a stay in October 2012.

A bus service is available from around 300 m from the hotel directly to Venice Piazza Roma. This makes the hotel very convenient for travelers keen on visiting romantic Venice but without the hassle of car-free central Venice and expensive hotels and parking. The bus takes around 20 minutes, runs mostly twice per hour and cost only €1.30 one-way.

Bus tickets can be bought from the hotel reception. The Hello Venezia travel cards can also be bought at the hotel and is valid on the bus route. (The bus back to the hotel usually departs from stop B1 in Venice.) The hotel has a great map of Venice and details of the bus timetable, as well as alternative bus options at night, when the direct bus service stops.

View from the Novotel Venice Mestre Castellana HotelA Lidl supermarket is located directly across the road from the bus stop. A larger supermarket (Auchan) and shopping center are a few blocks to the north of the hotel.

The Novotel Venice Mestre Castellana is a very pleasant option when visiting Venice. It may be devoid of character but the trade-off is a clean, comfortable hotel with modern facilities at a price much lower than any three or four-star hotel would cost in Venice itself. Similarly, the free parking is already a significant saving for anyone visiting Venice by car.

On a quiet night, the price of a double or four-bed family room can be as low €70. However, the hotel is rightly popular and prices can rise fast during busy periods. Breakfast is €14 but often available for half price or less if booked (and paid) in advance. Children under 16 eat breakfast for free with parents.

Novotel Venezia Mestre Castellana, Via Ceccherini 30174 Venezia Mestre, Italy, TelΒ +39 (0)41 5066511. (I121108)