Review of the Family-Friendly Van der Valk Avifauna Hotel

Great Stays in Alphen aan den Rijn in South Holland, Netherlands

The family-friendly Van Der Valk Hotel Avifauna in Alphen aan den Rijn offers great deals on accommodation, free access to the bird park play area and easy access to sightseeing spots.


Van der Valk Hotel Avifauna in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands is a comfortable hotel with great offers and attraction to especially families with small children. The hotel also seems popular with business travelers. Rooms are large with spacious bathrooms and often great views of the adjacent Vogelpark Avifauna bird park and the Rhine River.

The Avifauna Hotel is typical of Dutch hotels of the latter half of the twentieth century. The Avifauna Hotel is a large four story building with a huge, sloping roof so it does not in any way resemble an office block or inner city high-rise building. Free parking is available right next to the building in an almost motel-like style.

Rather oddly, the reception is not in the same building as the hotel rooms. The reception is in a small building in between the hotel, the Vogelpark Avifauna bird park, and the large restaurant building.

Spacious Family Rooms in the Van der Valk Hotel Avifauna

The Avifauna hotel rooms are very spacious with large bathrooms. The décor is typical Dutch and slightly dated with dark greens but all furnishings are still in very good nick.

Families, especially with small children, will appreciate the family rooms. These family rooms are on the top floor and on two levels: below is a bed room with two beds and a TV as well as a small kitchenette area. Up a flight of very steep stairs are a second huge room with three beds and a very large bath room.

The Hotel Avifauna is very generous with towels and toiletries – we first thought the huge collection of shampoos etc was put out for the entire three-day stay but all used ones were replaced daily.

The small kitchenette has a washing up basin, a few worktops, cupboards with cutlery, a small fridge, and a kettle. Unfortunately, there is no stove or even microwave but still the kitchenette does provide a great area for preparing breakfast and sandwiches. More chairs in the downstairs area would have been useful too – as it is, families either have to eat in shifts, standing up, or in different areas of the room.

Business Travelers and Tour Groups in the Hotel Avifauna

The Hotel Avifauna also seems popular with business travelers, who presumably value the comfortable rooms and convenient location more than the free access to the bird park.

The Avifauna hotel also deals well with large tour groups. Rather than having the lobby clogged up by group of thirty, hotel staff came out to the parking lot with a tray and keys allowing members of tour groups to go directly to their rooms and thus cause very little inconvenience to other individual travelers.

This is not totally surprising – the Van Der Valk tourism concern arrange numerous bus tours themselves and clearly knows how to cater to the needs of large tour groups.

Free Access & Admission to the Vogelpark Avifauna Bird Park and Play Area

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Hotel guests have unlimited access to the Vogelpark Avifauna bird park, the top sight in Alphen aan den Rijn. Hotel guests may also stroll in the park after regular hours. Families will enjoy having children play in the large play area after a day of sightseeing and the park itself is very relaxing in the late afternoon when visitors have gone and many birds are returning to their nests.

Exploring Top Sights in Holland from Alphen aan den Rijn

The Van der Valk Hotel Avifauna is a great hotel base when exploring South Holland by car. It is an easy drive from Alphen aan den Rijn to more famous sightseeing towns including Gouda, Leiden and Keukenhof, Den Haag / The Hague, Delft, Rotterdam, Kinderdijk, Utrecht, and even Amsterdam.

The Van der Valk Hotel Avifauna is at Hoorn 65, which is very easy to reach by car as a ring road allow visitors to approach without having to cross through the old town itself. Avifauna is the best-known tourist attraction in Alphen aan den Rijn and as a result signposting to the bird park is clear from any approach to Alphen. Public transportation is limited making an own car the better option – ample free parking is available.

Across the road from the hotel is the Rijn, better-known as the Rhine. However, this is the old Rhine – through centuries the course of the Rhine in the Netherlands has changed drastically and the water in this river does not come from the Rhine of lore that flows through Germany. Van Der Valk offers cruises on the Rhine and canals departing from right in front of the hotel.

Van der Valk Hotel Avifauna – Alphen a/d Rijn, Hoorn 65, 2404 HG Alphen aan den Rijn, South Holland, The Netherlands, T: +31 (0)172 48 75 75. (N090505) 

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