Cheap Travel by Train from London to Amsterdam and Rotterdam

From May 2020, direct Eurostar trains connect Amsterdam via Rotterdam with London without requiring transfers in Brussels. Cheap deals are often available. On the London to Amsterdam route, trains are price competitive with flying and from May 2020, railway connections will be even faster on the direct Eurostar trains traveling between the UK (London) and … Read more

Top Sights in Pappenheim & Solnhofen, Germany

Pappenheim, Panoramablick von der Burg, 2018

Picturesque Towns with Castles and Fossils in the Altmühl Valley, Bavaria

Pappenheim and Solnhofen are small, picturesque towns in a beautiful part of the Altmühl Valley in Bavaria. Pappenheim is famous for its castle while fossils and nature enchant in Solnhofen.

Pappenheim, Panoramablick von der Burg, 2018
© Derzno (via Wikimedia-Commons)

Pappenheim is a small town with a picture-perfect location where the Altmühl makes a complete U-turn. From here downstream towards Eichstätt, the Altmühl valley is narrower with some of the steepest cliffs. The Altmühl valley can be enjoyed by road, rail, hiking, cycling, or of course kayaking – all routes mostly follow the flow of the river.

Pappenheim’s written history goes back to 802 when the area was given to the Monastery of St Gallen. From the 12th century, it was under secular control with the descendants of the counts of Pappenheim still living in the Neue Schloss.

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Buying Tickets for the Bayreuther Festspiele in Germany

Getting Tickets (Eintrittkarten) for the Wagner Opera Festival

Getting tickets for the Bayreuther Festspiele of Wagner operas in Germany is difficult. Cheap tickets have long waiting lists while package deals are expensive.

Festspielhall in Bayreuth, Germany
Festspielhalle in Bayreuth, Germany

Buying tickets for the annual Bayreuther Festspiele is a laborious process. Applications for Bayreuth tickets must be made in writing months in advance and it can easily take ten years to actually get tickets to the most famous Wagner opera festival in the world. Tickets can be as cheap as €8 but many visitors have to settle for package deals costing several hundred euros in order to actually obtain tickets in a given year.

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