Visit the Best Cheese Markets in Holland – Alkmaar, Gouda, Edam and Woerden

Gouda Cheese Market

The top cheese markets in the Netherlands are in Alkmaar and Gouda. Edam is very close to Amsterdam and Woerden the least touristy. Colorful cheese markets of huge yellow or red cheeses and Dutch traditional dress are amongst the top sights to see when visiting Holland. Open-air cheese markets mostly disappeared from the Netherlands during … Read more

Visit Alkmaar and the Best Cheese Market in Holland

Alkmaar Cheese Market Gouda Cheese Wheels

The colorful weekly show cheese market in Alkmaar in North Holland is the most-famous and most-picturesque kaasmarkt in the Netherlands. The cheese market in Alkmaar, Noord Holland, is one of the top tourist highlights to see when visiting the Netherlands. This kaasmarkt is now staged for tourists but still use the traditional auction rituals and … Read more