Top Temporary 2015 Art Exhibitions in the Belvedere in Vienna

Exhibition view "EUROPE IN VIENNA. The Congress of Vienna 1814/15"

Schloss Belvedere has some of the best art in Vienna. The permanent collection including Klimt’s The Kiss is frequently enhanced by major temporary shows. In 2015, the temporary exhibitions include a celebration of the Congress of Vienna (1814/15), the 150th anniversary of the Ringstraße, Klimt, Schiele and Kokoschka’s view of woman, grand old masters, contemporary … Read more

Top Art Exhibitions in Vienna in 2015 (First Half)

The Triumphal Entry of Emperor Francis I after the Peace of Paris on June 16th 1814

Top exhibitions in Vienna in early 2015 include celebrations of the Congress of Vienna and the Ringstrasse and a variety of contemporary and older art. Two centuries ago, the power elite of Europe met in Vienna to reshape Europe following the defeat of Napoleon – art and artifacts from this top diplomatic and social event … Read more