Cheap Deals and Savings Tickets for Lake Geneva Pleasure Cruises

CGN Pleasure Boat Cruising on Lake Geneva

Pleasure cruises and ferries on Lake Geneva in Switzerland are often not cheap but savings deals are available to make boat trips and tickets cheaper. Day-trip pleasure cruises on Lake Geneva in Switzerland are very popular with many boats departing daily from major sights such as Genève, Lausanne, Montreux, Nyon, Evian, and Yvoire. These day-trip … Read more

Lake Geneva Pleasure Cruises and Ferry Boats from Lausanne

Pleasure Boats and Ferries Cruising on Lake Geneva

Ferries go from Lausanne in Switzerland to Thonon and Evian in France while pleasure boats cruise on Lac Léman to Genève, Nyon, Vevey, Montreux, and other Swiss towns on Lake Geneva. Lausanne is an important departure port for boats cruising on Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) between Switzerland and France. Passenger ferry boat services connect Lausanne … Read more