Climb the Belfry Tower of Mechelen Cathedral

Flags on Mechelen's Belfry

It is just over 500 steps to the top of the UNESCO-listed bell tower of the Sint Romboutskathedraal for excellent views of Mechelen and northern Belgium. The belfry of the St Rumbold β€˜s Cathedral in Mechelen is just shy of 100 m while just more than 500 steps get visitors to the top with a … Read more

Visit the Historic Churches of Mechelen

Interior of the St Janskerk in Mechelen

Mechelen near Antwerp has eight historic churches filled with art including paintings by Rubens and Van Dyck, Baroque wood carved pulpits and statues. Mechelen has eight important churches full of art in its historic old town. Mechelen was an important town in the Middle Ages and experienced a further cultural Golden Age during the Baroque … Read more