Best Day-Trip Boat Cruises on the Moselle River in Germany

KD Moselprinz for Moselle River panorama cruises from Cochem in Germany

The best sightseeing day-trip cruises on the Mosel River (Moselle) in Germany are from Cochem, Koblenz, Trier, and Bernkastel-Kues. The meandering Moselle River (Die Mosel) is one of the most popular rivers for day-trip sightseeing cruises in Germany. Internationally less famous than the Rhine, many consider the Moselle Valley more beautiful and a more relaxed … Read more

Day Trip Rhine and Main River Boat Cruises from Frankfurt in Germany

Primus Line Boats in Frankfurt am Main for river boat cruises

Riverboats depart frequently from Frankfurt for day-trip excursions and pleasure cruises on the Main and Rhine River in Germany. Pleasure cruises on the Main and Rhine rivers are easy to enjoy from Frankfurt am Main. Primus and KD boats have several sightseeing cruises on the Main River – often with meals or after-work drinks – … Read more

Itineraries of Saône and Rhône Riverboat Cruise Vacations in France

A-Rosa boat at Tournus

Itineraries of luxury riverboat cruises on the Saone and Rhone Rivers in Burgundy and Provence usually include stops in Lyon, Mâcon, Chalon, Vienne, Arles, and Avignon. The Rhone (Rhône) and Saone (Saône) Rivers in Burgundy and Provence are the most popular in France for luxury riverboat cruising. Favorite excursions include several UNESCO-listed sites, Lyon, Cluny, … Read more

Luxury Riverboat Cruises on the Elbe and Vltava

MS Katharina von Bora in Meissen

Viking River Cruises, Nicko Tours, Phoenix and Trans Ocean offer top luxury riverboat trips on the German and Czech Elbe and Vltava (Moldau) Rivers to Prague, Dresden, Wittenberg, and Berlin. Luxury riverboat cruises on the Elbe River in Germany and the Czech Republic are far less common than cruising the Rhine and Danube (Donau). However, … Read more