Visit Schloss Friedenstein Castle and the Baroque Universe in Gotha

Festsaal in Schloss Friedenstein in Gotha

Schloss Friedenstein, a baroque castle with several museums, the Ekhof Theatre, and the ducal art collection are the top sights to see in Gotha, Thuringia.  The Baroque Universe of Gotha (Das Barocke Universum Gotha), the fine marketing slogan for Schloss Friedenstein, refers to a unique ensemble of baroque buildings, interiors, a theatre, art, and parks … Read more

Visit the Herzogliches Museum (Ducal Art Museum) in Gotha

Gotha Lovers (Gothaer Liebespaar) - the most important painting in the Herzogliches Ducal Museum.

The Herzogliches Museum (Ducal Museum) is a large art collection including the Gotha Lovers (Gothaer Liebespaar), Asian art, antiquities from Egypt in the park of Schloss Friedenstein. The Herzogliches Museum (Ducal Museum) is in a large late-19th-century historicist building in the landscape park of Schloss Friedenstein in Gotha in Thuringia in central Germany. The core … Read more