Top Sights to See in the Liebliches Taubertal, Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

The Romantic Road in the Lovely Sweet Tauber Valley Region Part of Germany’s Romantic Road runs through the Tauber Valley and includes stops at Tauberbischofsheim, Lauda-Königshofen, Bad Mergentheim, Stuppach, Weikersheim, Röttingen, and Creglingen. Liebliches Taubertal (Sweet Tauber Valley) is mostly the area between Wertheim on the Main and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This area includes … Read more

Top Sights in Bad Mergentheim & Stuppach, Germany

Bad Mergentheim Marktplatz

Spa, Teutonic Order Castle & Stuppacher Madonna in the Tauber Valley Bad Mergentheim in the Taubertal, Germany is famous for its spa, the Teutonic Order (Deutschorden) Castle and Museum, and the Stuppacher Madonna by Matthias Grünewald. Bad Mergentheim in Germany is a prosperous town of close to 23,000 inhabitants. For tourists, it has a dual … Read more

See the Deutschordenschloss in Bad Mergentheim

Schloss Mergentheim Castle and Church

Visit the Teutonic Order Castle in the Tauber Valley, Germany The Teutonic Order had its head offices in the Deutschordenschloss in Bad Mergentheim in the Tauber Valley in Germany from 1525 to 1809. The main sight in Bad Mergentheim is the Deutschordenschloss (Teutonic Order Castle), which dominates the eastern part of the old town. The … Read more

Tauber Valley Cultural Events & Outdoor Adventures

Taubertal Festivals, Concerts, Hiking, Cycling, Boating & Spas

Germany’s Tauber Valley has outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, and boating balanced by cultural events, concerts, festivals, and Bad Mergentheim’s spas.

Biking through Creglingen

The Tauber Valley is popular with hikers and cyclists while much of the Tauber River can also be used for canoeing and kayaking. Cultural events are frequently arranged with several towns hosting cultural festivals in summer. The spa facilities in Bad Mergentheim offers more relaxing options.

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