Novotel Beaune: Review of the Family-Friendly Hotel with Swimming Pool

The Novotel Beaune is a midscale three-star hotel with swimming pool and comfortable family-friendly bedrooms that sleep up to four guests in Burgundy, France.

The Novotel Beaune is a family-friendly, midscale hotel in the outskirts of Beaune with easy access by car to both the historic old town as well as on nearby highways to the vineyards of Burgundy and the rest of France. Both business travelers and families enjoy the comfort of this modern three-star hotel. Two children under 16 may stay for free with parents, enjoy breakfast for free, or may book a second room at a cheaper rate. The Novotel Beaune has an outdoor swimming pool freely available to all guests. Overnight parking is free.

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Cheap Family Hotel Review: Novotel Grenoble Nord Voreppe

Great Savings and Deals for Comfortable, Modern Hotel with Swimming Pool

Hotel Review: The family-friendly Novotel Grenoble Nord Voreppe offers cheap deals in a comfortable hotel with a swimming pool for families and travelers to Grenoble, Chartreuse, and the French Alps.


The Novotel Grenoble Nord Voreppe is a typical Novotel hotel. The hotel is modern, if a bit characterless, but offers great value and comfortable accommodation for travelers and families of up to four. As the hotel aims mostly at business travelers, very cheap deals are available over weekends and during holiday periods including most of the summer. A large garden and outdoor swimming pool are added bonuses. It gets fairly good ratings from Tripadvisor users.

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Hotel Review: Novotel Suitehotel in Nancy, France

Novotel Suitehotel in Nancy, France

Accor’s Great Savings Option for Business Travelers and Small Families

The family-friendly Novotel Suitehotel Nancy offers great savings and cheap deals to travelers requiring a modern, comfortable bed-room with some kitchen facilities and four full beds.

Suitehotel Nancy, France

The Suitehotel Nancy in Lorraine, France is like other Accor Group Suitehotels very new and modern. The Suitehotel Nancy is in a quiet, newly spruced-up neighborhood a bit to the east of the old town. The hotel offers great value for money with advance reservations on especially weekend nights positively cheap. Like all Suitehotels, rooms sleep up to four in comfort. A small fridge, microwave oven, and electrical kettle allow for the preparation of small meals in the room.

The Novotel Suitehotel Nancy rates are typically around €80 for two adults and two children under 12 with better deals available for advance reservations.

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Hotel Review Family-Friendly Novotel Luxembourg Centre

Save on Weekends when Staying Close to the Center of Luxemburg

The Novotel Luxembourg Centre is a new comfortable, four star hotel in a modern building close to the center of Luxemburg. Great savings rates are available on quiet weekends.

Novotel Luxembourg Centre

The Novotel Luxembourg Centre is conveniently located a few minutes’ walk or an easy drive from Luxemburg station and old town. The hotel is brand new and thus features the present modern and comfortable Novotel look and furnishings. The Novotel Luxembourg Centre aims mostly at business travelers but the hotel is surprisingly child friendly and great value for families, especially over weekend when cheap savings rates are available on advance reservations.

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Review of the Family-Friendly Van der Valk Avifauna Hotel

Great Stays in Alphen aan den Rijn in South Holland, Netherlands

The family-friendly Van Der Valk Hotel Avifauna in Alphen aan den Rijn offers great deals on accommodation, free access to the bird park play area and easy access to sightseeing spots.


Van der Valk Hotel Avifauna in Alphen aan den Rijn in the Netherlands is a comfortable hotel with great offers and attraction to especially families with small children. The hotel also seems popular with business travelers. Rooms are large with spacious bathrooms and often great views of the adjacent Vogelpark Avifauna bird park and the Rhine River.

The Avifauna Hotel is typical of Dutch hotels of the latter half of the twentieth century. The Avifauna Hotel is a large four story building with a huge, sloping roof so it does not in any way resemble an office block or inner city high-rise building. Free parking is available right next to the building in an almost motel-like style.

Rather oddly, the reception is not in the same building as the hotel rooms. The reception is in a small building in between the hotel, the Vogelpark Avifauna bird park, and the large restaurant building.

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