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Buy the cheapest tickets early and online to see Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper painting in Milan.

Reservations are essential to see The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan — online advance purchase skip-the-line tickets are the cheapest and simplest way to ensure time-slot admissions to the museum. If tickets are sold out, guided tours may still be available.

Buy tickets online in advance to see Leonardo Da Vinci: The Last Supper in Milan

Tickets for The Last Supper Museum in Milan must be bought in advance, as Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting on a wall in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan may only be seen with time-slot reservation tickets. All admissions to The Last Supper Museum are in effect skip-the-line tickets, as only 40 visitors per tour are allowed to spend a maximum of 15 minutes viewing the painting. Guided tours of The Last Supper are pricy but do ensure admission on specific days and times when the ticket-only option is sold out. (Tours adding further sights in Milan such as the Duomo, La Scala, or guided town walks are sometimes cheaper and offer better value.) All visitors must have their knees and upper arms covered.

Latest on Buying Tickets for The Last Supper in Milan in 2024

The Last Supper tickets for May, June, and July 2024 went on sale on 20 March 2024 — by 26 March, all tickets for May and June were sold out with most weekends in July also booked out.

Even with the slight increase in visitors per session, Last Supper Museum museum tickets still sell out on most days. Book as far in advance as possible, especially for July, August, and all weekends. It is not possible to buy tickets for visits later than July 2024 but guided tours may be booked months in advance.

Tickets to see The Last Supper Museum in Milan without a guide in August, September, and October — all high-season months — are going on sale from around 19 June 2024.

Note: In 2024, the Last Supper is open for visitors as usual and the same idiosyncratic procedure as before is followed. It is once again very difficult to get tickets without booking a guided tour. Museum tickets go on sale in three-month periods and usually sell out. A few tickets go on sale Wednesdays at noon for visits the following week.

At peak periods, especially summer and school holidays, even guided tours sell out. Last Supper tour availability differs quite a lot – a search with specific dates is a good start. There is not much variety in prices or in what is included in very short tours, although the early morning group of six only saves time but regular tours or combinations with a town walk or the duomo offer better value.

How to Buy Skip-the-Line Tickets Online for The Last Supper in 2024

The cheapest way to buy tickets for The Last Supper is through the Cenacolo Vinciano official website reseller Vivatiket — the site is a bit old-fashioned and confusing. English is available but depending on the browser may be less easy to find.

The Last Supper Museum website shows the dates and times for which tickets are available for visits without a guide. If all dates on the calendar are marked in grey, all museum tickets without a guided tour are sold out.

At times when the official guided tour is given, the surcharge is now automatically added — whether you want the tour or not — or it is impossible to buy the admission ticket. (This tour is probably worth the €9 surcharge but obviously not if in an incomprehensible language.)

Note that the name of the person using the ticket is required not the name of the person buying the ticket. It is only possible to buy a maximum of 5 tickets online in a single transaction. Name changes are possible up to 24 hours before the tour but tickets cannot be modified or refunded. (Minor spelling errors are not a problem.)

Tickets must be collected 30 minutes before the tour time. Storage is available only for small bags — book luggage storage in Milan in advance — close to transportation hubs are usually the better options.

→→ See also: What to Expect When Visiting the Last Supper Museum for a fuller description of the procedure followed on the day of a visit.

When Are The Last Supper Tickets Going on Sale?

Online tickets for The Last Supper go on sale in three-month periods: December to February, March to May, June to August, and September to November. Sales usually start from the third Wednesday of the second month preceding the following time period. For example, all Last Supper tickets for December to February are usually on sale from the third Wednesday in October. Tickets sell out fast even outside the high season.

Tickets for The Last Supper continue to sell out even on regular, low-season days. High season is even worse: for example, within a week of May, June, and July tickets going on sale in March 2024, only a few weekdays in July had any open slots left.

Each Wednesday at noon, a few tickets are offered for sale on the website only for visits the following week. (This may be temporary, as these extra tickets are likely to be included in the regular booking system during 2024.)

Guided tours of The Last Supper are bookable in advance on dates when individual tickets are not yet available or are shown as sold out. However, in the busy months, even tours sell out. It may be necessary to compare various providers — prices tend to go up as more slots are booked.

Alternative Options for Buying Tickets for The Last Supper in 2024

The Last Supper Tickets Sold Out Sign

Options to consider when online tickets for The Last Supper have sold out:

  • Check the website again closer to the time of the visit. Tickets may be returned, especially from tour groups and resellers, and may become available at short notice. During the low season, it is often easier to buy tickets a few days in advance than a few weeks in advance. Splitting groups and even couples up may be a way to get the last tickets in different time slots.
  • On Wednesday at noon, a few tickets are released for sale online only and only for visits during the following week. (Name changes are not allowed on these tickets!)
  • Enquire at the ticket window in person. While it is not possible to queue up for tickets, cancellations by tour operators may occasionally free up reservation slots for later the same day. A sign outside may already confirm that no cancellations were made — it is valid for the full calendar day. The ticket office does not sell tickets for future dates.
  • Buy tickets as part of a group tour – this will come at a price but will ensure admission, often at fairly short notice too but not on the actual day of the visit.

It is still possible to buy tickets by phone but the call center has the exact same availability as is shown on the website (+39 0292800360 or 800990048 when calling from inside Italy).

Admission is free on the first Sunday of the month — tickets are only available online from noon the preceding Wednesday. Name changes are not allowed on free Sunday tickets! (A great option, as the number of visitors is the same as any other day.)

Book Guided Tours of The Last Supper Museum in Milan

It is possible to see The Last Supper as part of a group guided tour. Several options are available:

Last Supper on the Refectory Wall -- buy tickets or book guided tours online well in advance of visiting Milan.

The cheapest options are guided tours of The Last Supper Museum only that last around an hour — 15 minutes with the painting and much of the rest of the time is taken in collecting the tickets and setting up the audio.

These express tours are basically a simple walkthrough and guided description of The Last Supper. It usually adds some value but for many, the only real reason to use these tours is to ensure admission on a specific day when the official tickets are sold out (which are unfortunately often). Many tour operators offer these tours but availability differs quite a lot – a search with specific dates is a good start. There is not much variety in prices or what is included in these short tours.

In the high season, it is a seller’s market and prices go up dramatically. Sometimes, tours adding further sights in Milan such as the Duomo or guided town walks are cheaper and offer better value.

Occasionally, early morning tours for groups of only six are available but these sell out fast despite the price — the small group saves time in setting the tour up but note that although the tour group will be six, there will still be the normal group of around 30 visitors in the refectory.

Save with Last Supper and Milan Sights Combination Tours

Longer tours adding further sites may offer more value for money and often are available in higher numbers and on more dates than short Last Supper tours only. (Some are even cheaper than the Last Supper-only tours!)

Walking tours (some including the Duomo) are quite popular, as many meet at more convenient central locations and spend less time waiting outside the Last Supper Museum to obtain tickets. It also makes transportation easier.

Some further sights added on these tours are for example the adjacent Santa Maria della Grazie church (admission to the church itself is free), the nearby Church of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, sometimes called the “Sistine Chapel” of Milan, skip-the-line access to the duomo (cathedral), La Scala opera museum, further art treasures, and Da Vinci sights such as the codex atlanticus in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. (Leonardo’s vineyard is no longer open to the public.) Read the fine print, as some tours are only a guided talk leaving visitors to explore the final sights on their own. Also, transportation other than walking is often not included in these tours — walking is mostly the easier way to get around in central Milan.

Tips When Visiting The Last Supper Museum in 2024

Access to Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper on a wall in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan is strictly controlled. Only 40 people at any given time are allowed into the room and visitors may only stay in the room for a maximum of 15 minutes. Returning is not possible.

The 15-minute limit applies to all visitors irrespective of how the ticket was purchased. The limit is very strictly enforced making it worth being a bit pushy if people are tardy to enter. 15 minutes is short, although some visitors spend less time than that in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

On the opposite wall of Leonardo’s masterpiece is the huge fresco of The Crucifixion (1495) by Giovanni Donato da Montorfano. At least give it a glance on the way out — the faded figures in the corners were possibly painted by Leonardo.

Pick tickets up at least 30 minutes before the admission time. Bags must be placed in lockers before entering the refectory. It is allowed to take cameras in and take photos without using a flash or tripod.

Also for tours, arrive a few minutes early as it is often a struggle to find the correct guide.

Ticket Prices for The Last Supper Museum in 2024

Admission tickets for seeing the Last Supper Museum in Milan without a guide are €15 including the advance reservation fees. Admission is free for all children under 18 and €2 for young European Union and EEA nationals (18 to 25). All visitors including babies need a ticket.

At some times, the official guided tour is given, which adds €9 to the admission ticket — it is not possible to visit at these times without paying for the tour. At these times – usually 9.30, 11:30, 15:00, and 17:00 in English and 10:30, 12:30, 16:00, and 17:30 in Italian — the tour fee is automatically added to the booking. The tour is actually good value for money and a fraction of the price of other tours.

Admission is free on the first Sunday of the month — tickets are available only online from noon the preceding Wednesday. It is not possible to change names on these free tickets. (In a change to previous practice, telephone bookings are no longer possible for free Sundays.) In contrast to many other free sights, there is no reason to avoid The Last Supper Museum on a free Sunday. The number of visitors allowed in at any given time is the same as on regular days (but good luck on scoring a reservation in the first place but worth trying if the dates work).

The Last Supper Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from around 8:00 to 19:00 but only the 15-minute reservation time is really relevant.

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