Visit the Piccolomini Library (Libreria Piccolomini) in Siena Cathedral

Piccolomini Library in Siena Cathedral

The Piccolomini Library (Libreria Piccolomini) inside Siena Cathedral is a colorful Renaissance highlight in the otherwise predominantly Romanesque-Gothic Duomo. The Piccolomini Library is in a single hall accessible only from inside the cathedral of Siena. Although a number of significant codices are on display, the main reason to visit is to admire the colorful frescoes … Read more

Buying Tickets and Tours for Siena Cathedral Complex (Duomo) in Tuscany

Panorama View of Siena

Tickets and tours for the Siena Cathedral (Duomo) complex with the church, baptistery, crypt, museums, and viewing platforms are cheapest onsite but best bought online in advance. The Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Siena is one of the finest churches in Italy. Its black-green and white stripy exterior is famous but its interior … Read more