Save on Local Train Travel in Germany with L├Ąnder Tickets

Deutsche Bahn trains at Munich Hauptbahnhof station.

Use cheap L├Ąnder-Tickets to save on local public transportation (bus, train, S-Bahn, U-bahn, metro, tram) of Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) and cities in Germany. Cheap L├Ąnder-Tickets (State Tickets) are often the best savings deal when sightseeing in a specific area of rural Germany. These cheap tickets are valid on local buses and regional trains of … Read more

Traveling by Train to Nuremberg (N├╝rnberg) in Germany

Trains in M├╝nchen Hauptbahnhof

German Railways (DB Deutsche Bahn) has fast trains to the N├╝rnberger Chirstkindlesmarkt (Nuremberg Christmas Market). Many cheap savings deals are available. German Railways trains give travelers many and flexible transportation options to the Nuremberg Christmas market (N├╝rnberger Christkindlesmarkt) in Germany. Fast Inter-City-Express (ICE) trains as well as cheap local trains go to Nuremberg from many … Read more

Cheap Sch├Ânes Wochenende Train Tickets on Weekends in Germany

M├╝nchen Hauptbahnhof

The Sch├Âne Wochenende (Happy Weekend) Tickets of Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) are no longer available. The last date for booking this ticket was 8 June 2019. The Quer-Durchs-Land-Tickets and L├Ąnder-Tickets are good alternatives and available for local train travel any day of the week. For cheap unlimited travel on local German trains over weekends, Deutsche … Read more

By Train from London to Cologne (K├Âln) and Aachen

TGV Thalys and ICE train in K├Âln

Eurostar, Thalys TGV and ICE trains make rail travel from London in England to Cologne (K├Âln) and Aachen in Germany time competitive with flying. High-speed trains make railways a good option when traveling between London in the UK and Cologne (K├Âln) and Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) in the western parts of Germany. The basic routing is the … Read more