See the Hildebrandt “Bach” Organ in Stadtkirche St Wenzel in Naumburg

Hildebrandt Bach Organ in Naumburg

The largest organ JS Bach played that is still in working condition is the Hildebrandt Orgel in the Stadtkirche St. Wenzel in Naumburg, Germany. In Naumburg, the late Gothic Stadtkirche St. Wenzel is totally overshadowed architecturally by the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage-listed Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul. However, in St Wenzel’s fairly … Read more

Visit Naumburg Cathedral to See Uta and Top Medieval Art in Germany

Uta in the Naumburg Cathedral in Germany

Visit the Romanesque-Gothic Naumburg Cathedral (Naumburger Dom) to see the Uta sculpture and other highlights of medieval art in Germany. Naumburg Cathedral (Naumburger Dom St Peter und St Paul) is a Romanesque-Gothic masterpiece in the state Saxony-Anhalt in the geographical center of eastern Germany. The church is particularly famous for the architectural and sculpted masterpieces … Read more