Save on Local Train Travel in Germany with Länder Tickets

Deutsche Bahn trains at Munich Hauptbahnhof station.

Use cheap Länder-Tickets to save on local public transportation (bus, train, S-Bahn, U-bahn, metro, tram) of Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) and cities in Germany. Cheap Länder-Tickets (State Tickets) are often the best savings deal when sightseeing in a specific area of rural Germany. These cheap tickets are valid on local buses and regional trains of … Read more

Cheap Schönes Wochenende Train Tickets on Weekends in Germany

MĂĽnchen Hauptbahnhof

The Schöne Wochenende (Happy Weekend) Tickets of Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) are no longer available. The last date for booking this ticket was 8 June 2019. The Quer-Durchs-Land-Tickets and Länder-Tickets are good alternatives and available for local train travel any day of the week. For cheap unlimited travel on local German trains over weekends, Deutsche … Read more

Cheap Train Travel on the German Rail Pass

Trains in MĂĽnchen Hauptbahnhof

The German Rail Pass allows unlimited travel on Deutsche Bahn trains, including ICE. It is a great savings deal and cheaper than most railway tickets for exploring Germany. The German Rail Pass offers international travelers a great deal to explore Germany by train cheaply. The German Rail Pass is available as a flexi-pass or consecutive … Read more

BahnCard Savings on Train Tickets in Germany

MĂĽnchen Hauptbahnhof

Cheap Tickets and Low Fares with Discounts on German Railways Deutsche Bahn’s BahnCard allows for huge savings, cheaper tickets, and low fares on train travel in Germany and Europe. Discount fares apply to ICE and EuroCity trains too. The easiest way to save on Deutsche Bahn trains is by using a BahnCard (Railway Card). The … Read more

Cheap Tickets and Savings on German Railways

Travelers at Munich Central Station

Concession Fares, Discount Cards & Passes Save on Deutsche Bahn Trains Discount and concession fares as well as rail passes allow for cheap tickets and savings when traveling on German Railways (Deutsche Bahn) trains in Germany and Europe. Standard fares on German Railways (Deutsche Bahn / DB) trains are not particularly cheap but numerous discount … Read more