About Henk Bekker

Henk Bekker is a freelance travel writer with over 20 years of experience writing online. He is particularly interested in history, art, and culture. He has lived most of his adult life in Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark. In addition to European-Traveler.com, he also owns a travel website on the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland and maintains statistical websites on car sales and classic car auction prices. Henk holds an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and an MSc in Development Finance from the University of London.

Henk Bekker is the author of Adventure Guide to Germany, Germany Pocket Adventures, and Travel Adventures Munich & Bavaria (all by Hunter Publishing, 2005-8).

Henk Bekker may be contacted by email at hbekker@gmail.com, or at

  • H Bekker, Fco I Madero 30, San Pedro Xalpa, 02710 CDMX

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