See Stendal’s Brick Gothic and Romanesque Town Gate Towers

Detail of the Brick Gothic Uenglinger Tor in Hansestadt Stendal

The brick Gothic Uenglinger Tor and Romanesque Tangermünder Tor are two beautiful medieval town gate towers in Stendal in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Only two of Hansestadt Stendal’s medieval town gate towers survived but both are exceptionally beautiful: the brick Gothic Uenglinger Tor is the better looking but the Tangermünder Tor with early 13th-century Romanesque base is … Read more

Visit the Jacobikirche in Stendal to See Medieval Art and Stained-Glass Windows

Stained glass windows in the St. Jacobikirche in Stendal

The St. Jacobikirche (St James) in Stendal is a brick Gothic hall church with magnificent medieval art and the oldest stained-glass windows in Northern Germany. Stendal is the largest town in the Altmark region of northern Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. It was relatively rich during the late Middle Ages and benefited from being a garrison town … Read more

Visit the Romanesque Kloster Jerichow Monastery in Germany

Kloster Jerichow Monastery in Germany

The collegiate church at Kloster Jerichow (Monastery) in Saxony-Anhalt is one of the oldest brick Romanesque buildings in Northern Germany. The 12th-century basilica and complex of Kloster Jerichow is the oldest brick building east of the Elbe River and a top sight to see on the Romanesque holiday routes (Straße der Romanik) of both Saxony-Anhalt … Read more

Visit the Romanesque-Gothic Havelberger Dom and Cloisters in Germany

Havelberger Dom seen from the old town area

The Romanesque-Gothic Dom in Havelberg with its mighty westwork is a popular stop on the Elbe Cycling Route and the Straße der Romanik in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany.  The Havelberger Dom (St Marien) is a large Romanesque-Gothic cathedral church with an impressive fort-like westwork, a triple-nave basilica, and a large monastery-like complex. The origins of the … Read more