Visit the Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral in Córdoba, Andalusia

Horseshoe Arches in the Mezquita

The Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral in Córdoba is one of Spain’s finest Islamic buildings — a top sight to visit in Andalucia. The Mezquita is the top attraction to see in Córdoba and one of the most important Moorish monuments in Andalusia and Spain. Despite now being a consecrated Roman Catholic cathedral, the highlight remains the thousand-year-old … Read more

Visit the Palacio de Viana to see Patios and Courtyards in Córdoba

Courtyard of the Archive

The Palace of Viana in Córdoba is famous for its 12 courtyards (patios), art and artifacts collected over a period of five hundred years. Córdoba in Andalucia is justifiably famous for its flower-filled courtyards and patios. Many are freely accessible to visitors, others may be appreciated through privacy gates while some charge visitors access at … Read more

Visit Medina Azahara near Córdoba on a Day Trip in Andalusia

Medina Azahara Horseshoe-shaped arches

The Medina Azahara (Madinat al-Zahra) archaeological site and museum is a top Moorish day-trip destination from Córdoba in Spain. The Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral is by far the best-know Moorish sight in Córdoba but the Medina Azahara archaeological site just outside the city is from the same period and a very popular day-trip destination. This planned mid-tenth … Read more