Transportation to the DFDS Ferry Terminal in Copenhagen or Oslo

Getting to the DFDS Seaways car and passenger ferry boat terminals in Copenhagen and Oslo is easy on public transportation (bus, taxi, train, metro) and often simply walking.

DFDS Crown Seaways at the Copenhagen Ferry Terminal

The DFDS car and passenger ferry terminals in Copenhagen and Oslo are close to the city centers and easily reached by bus or even walking. Bus 27 stop directly at the ferry terminal in Copenhagen while the quay in Oslo is so close to the city center and main train station that few passengers will bother to take the bus. Taxis are readily available but relatively expensive in both cities despite the short distances.

Transportation to the DFDS Ferry Terminal in Copenhagen

The DFDS Oslo ferry boat stops in Copenhagen at the Færgeterminal Søndre Frihavn in Dampfærgevej 30 just to the north of the old town center.

Transportation to the DFDS Ferry Terminal in Copenhagen

The easiest public transportation to the Copenhagen ferry terminal is by bus but walking from the nearest train station is also possible. DFDS has a special shuttle bus (pre-booking required) while regular buses also stop directly at the terminal.

DFDS has a special shuttle bus for ferry passengers only. Buy the ticket online or on the boat, as tickets are not sold on the bus. The bus stop close to Nørreport Station.

Bus 27 from Østerport Station

Copenhagen public transportation bus 27 stops directly at the ferry terminal and connects to Østerport train and metro station in 4 minutes — many travelers simply walk to the closest train and metro stations.

The bus stop at the ferry terminal is Færgeterminal Søndre Frihavn. Tickets may be bought from the driver and all forms of day passes and travel cards are accepted.

From Oslo Plads directly in front of Østerport train station, only buses 27 with Færgeterminal Søndre Frihavn as destination stops at the ferry terminal. (Bus 27 with Langelinie as destination follows a different route.) Three to four buses are available each hour, as the journey time is only around 4 minutes.

Walking to DFDS Oslo Ferry Terminal in Copenhagen

Alternatively, it is a short walk from two train and metro stations. Nordhavn train station is the closest but not all trains stop here (10 minutes / 750 m / half a mile) and about the same from the metro station (Line M4 – blue). Almost all trains stop at Østerport train and metro (M3 / M4) station (15 minutes / 1.5 km / a mile) — taking bus 27 from here is certainly a more pleasant option.

Copenhagen Airport Metro Train Vending Machine

From Copenhagen Airport to the DFDS ferry terminal, several options are available but the following two are the simplest:

  • The easier is to take a train from the airport towards Helsingør and change at Østerport station to bus 27 or walk. The train runs generally three times per hour.
  • Alternatively, take the metro to Kongs Nytorv station and then change metro M3 or M4 to catch bus 27 from Østerport station.

Other options are not really worth the added transfer hassles. Traveling time for either way is less than 40 minutes and requires a zone 1-3 ticket, currently DKK36 if bought as a single ticket from a bus driver or station vending machine.


Getting to the DFDS Ferry Terminal in Oslo

The DFDS Ferry Terminal in Oslo, Akerhusstranda 31, Skur 42, 0150 Oslo, is near the center of the city and most passengers simply walk from the city or, if using public transportation, from the train station where most buses and trams also stop.

DFDS Copenhagen to Oslo Ferry boat seen from the Oslo Opera House.

The Akerhus fortress, the white Opera House, and the new Munch Museum are within sight of the boat. The train station with a wide range of public transportation (train, metro, tram, bus) is a short walk past the Operaen while the Bygdøy ferry boats and further tram stops are a short walk past the fortress towards the town hall.

Bus 60 stop at the ferry terminal at stop Vippetange but unless already on the bus, most passengers would do better to simply walk from the train station (Jernbanetorget).

DFDS Copenhagen to Oslo Ferry

Driving in Oslo is fairly complicated due to the tunneling system under the city center and harbor (the glass structure between the ferry boat and Opera House is part of the tunnel ventilation system). Fortunately, the exits from the tunnel are available on the main road in front of the ferry terminal – long detours are necessary if the turn-off is missed. It is very difficult to get to this part of the city without using the tunnels.

Parking is available directly at the ferry terminal but is very expensive (like the rest of Oslo). Cheaper parking is available in the streets nearby but is time-restricted.

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