Romantic Road Map in Germany

Map of the Romantic Road in Germany

The Romantic Road in Germany runs from Würzburg to Füssen along some pretty towns in Bavaria. ©

Click on map for larger version, or buy a proper map from Amazon. The selection in English is surprisingly small. The Amazon Lonely Planet Germany Best Trips is a nice option when planning further routes in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, while Rick Steves Snapshot Rothenburg and the Rhine is full of up-to-date, practical advice but for longer trips the full Rick Steves Germany Guide may offer better value.

The Bikeline Romantische Straße is a classic plastic-coated, comprehensive cycling map and guide but available in German only. Similarly, German speakers will find a bigger selection at Amazon Deutschland Romantische Straße, although even here the number of recent titles are surprisingly small.

Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) in Germany Maps and Guidebooks

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