Visit the Moesgaard Museum near Aarhus in Denmark

Borum Eshøj Bodies in the Moesgaard Museum

The Moesgaard Museum near Aarhus in Denmark is one of Scandinavia’s best with prehistory (Bronze / Iron / Vikings Ages) and anthropology exhibitions. The Moesgaard Museum (MoMu) is a superb archaeological and ethnographic museum near the city Aarhus on the Danish Jutland peninsula. The prehistory exhibitions concentrate on especially Danish archaeology with superb displays on … Read more

Visit the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark

Rainbow panorama walkway on AROS

The ARoS in Aarhus is as famous for its art as for its modern museum building with a colorful panorama ring on the roof and Guggenheim-style staircase. The ARos is one of Denmark’s best art museum with particularly good temporary modern art exhibitions to complement its large Danish art collection. The ARoS is famous for … Read more

Visit Den Gamle By Open-Air Museum in Aarhus

Den Gamle By in Aarhus

Den Gamle By in Aarhus in Denmark is a large family-friendly open-air museum with typical historic old town buildings from the 1700s to the mid-1970s. Around 75 buildings in Den Gable By combine to show Danish town life in bygone years. Buildings range from poorhouses to noble town palaces with many open to visitors and … Read more