Visit the Ikea Museum in Älmhult, Sweden

Ikea Museum in Älmhult, Sweden

The Ikea Museum in the original furniture store in Älmhult, Southern Sweden, explains the history of Ikea and its founder Ingvar Kamprad. The Ikea Museum is in the small Swedish town Älmhult where Ingvar Kamprad opened the first Ikea furniture store in 1958. The museum tells the story of Ikea and its famously frugal founder, … Read more

Stay in the Ikea Hotel in Älmhult, Sweden

Ikea Hotel in Älmhult, Sweden

The Ikea Hotel in Älmhult is a modern hotel with good deals next to the Ikea Museum near the Sweden Ikea head offices and a large Ikea outlet store. The Ikea Hotell is a modern, family-friendly hotel offering very good deals for stays when traveling in Sweden. Bedrooms range from cheap cabins for single travelers … Read more

Save at the Ikea Fynd Outlet Store in Älmhult

Ikea Fynd Factory Outlet Almhult

The Ikea Fund is a factory outlet store with bargains and discount saving deals next to the large Ikea furniture shop in Älmhult in Southern Sweden. Shoppers save at the Ikea Fynd, Iitala and other factory outlet stores in Älmhult in southern Sweden. The Fynd sells Ikea items – from furniture to decorative items – … Read more