Save at the Ikea Fynd Outlet Store in Älmhult

The Ikea Fund is a factory outlet store with bargains and discount saving deals next to the large Ikea furniture shop in Älmhult in Southern Sweden.

Ikea Fynd Factory Outlet Almhult

Shoppers save at the Ikea Fynd, Iitala and other factory outlet stores in Älmhult in southern Sweden. The Fynd sells Ikea items – from furniture to decorative items – at sharp discounts and bargain prices. Nearby is an official Iitala factory outlet store with big savings on glassware, kitchenware and other items by Finnish designers and brands. A few further outlet stores offer discounts on brand-name fashion, clothes, bags, accessories and shoes.

Ikea Fynd Factory Outlet Store in Älmhult

Ikea Fynd Factory Outlet in Älmhult in Sweden.The Ikea Fyndvaruhus is a factory outlet store in Älmhult directly next to the regular Ikea furniture store. Here shoppers can save on Ikea furniture and furnishings.

The Ikey Fynd in Älmhult sells new items. It should not be confused with the various bargain sections that are found in all Ikea stores where pre-assembled and returned items are sold at discount.

As with other regular factory outlet shops the variety of items on offer depends on the season and frequently change. In the Ikea Fynd some furniture is sold but the best offers are on household items, kitchenware, crockery and decorative items.

Discounts at the Ikea Fynd are big. Expect at least a third off on most items with bargain items going for 70% off or even less.

Other Outlet Stores at Ikea Älmhult

Iitala Factory Outlet in Älmhult in Sweden.The Ikea Fynd outlet store is directly next to the large main Ikea Älmhult furniture store with the usual range as well as the Ikea restaurant at Handelsvägen 4, 343 81 Älmhult, next to road 23 at the east of town. A few further factory stores are in the same complex with space for future growth.

The other outlet stores here sell mostly clothes and shoes in multi-brand stores. Savings are big but the range available depends very much on the season.

The more interesting factory outlet store here is an official Iitala factory outlet store that sells mostly kitchenware and glass items by well-known Finnish designers such as Iitala, Arabica and Fisker. These items are often better quality, cheaper and more useful than “Scandinavian” stuff found in tourist souvenir shops.

Other Sights in Älmhult

Ikea Älmhult in Sweden.No one travels to Älmhult just to save on shopping at the Fynd and Iitala factory outlet stores, although both are worth a quick visit once in town. The main attraction for most visitors to the Älmhult is the Ikea Museum in the center of town. The adjacent Ikea Hotell is a cheap, family-friendly hotel run by Ikea that is ideal for a stop-over.

Factory outlet shopping malls in Sweden are fairly rare. The two best known are the Stockholm Quality Outlet just to the north of the Swedish capital and the Hede Factory Outlet Mall near Gothenburg (Göteborg).

Transportation from Copenhagen takes around two hours by train or car.

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