RailJet High-Speed Trains Travel from Zurich to Vienna

Austrian Railways fast and luxurious RailJet trains connect Wien and Zürich a few times per day via Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Linz in around eight hours.

ÖBB Railjet @ Zürich SBB
 photo credit: Cha già José

High-speed RailJet (RJ) trains run a few times per day between Zürich Hauptbahnhof in Switzerland and Wien Westbahnhof in Austria. En route, the trains stop at amongst others Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Feldkirch, and Sargans. Tickets for RailJet trains cost the same as regular long-distance trains but the wagons are much more luxurious and comfortable. Special offers are often available and may be as cheap as €29 / CHF35 one way. The Euro Night (EN) sleeper train between Zurich and Vienna is an interesting alternative to the daytime high-speed RailJet trains and special deals may make it even cheaper.

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Travel Cheaply on Fast Trains in Europe

Cheap TGV, ICE, and Eurostar Tickets and Reservations via Railteam

Passengers can travel fast, cheap, and environmentally friendly on TGV, ICE, and Eurostar trains between France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland.

Railtem High-Speed Trains in Europe
Railteam High-Speed Trains in Europe                                                                                    © railteam.eu

High-speed trains have been traveling in European countries for around thirty years. The most famous fast trains in Europe are the French Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV) and the German Inter-City-Express (ICE) trains, which also cross the borders to travel to neighboring countries. Eurostar trains provide high-speed rail links from London to Paris and other continental destinations including seasonal travel to ski resorts and the south of France. Railteam was formed to coordinate international high-speed rail travel and not only increase the speed of trains on cross border journeys but also make online bookings and reservations of rail tickets on European trains easier.

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