Tips on Savings and When to Book European Riverboat Cruise Vacations

Passengers can enjoy big savings and cheap fares on Rhine, Danube, Rhone, Seine, and other European riverboat cruises by being flexible, informed, and booking cruises at the best time. Big savings are often available on European riverboat cruises with special deals offered to passengers who book far in advance, book less popular cruises or cruise … Read more

Itineraries of Sa么ne and Rh么ne Riverboat Cruise Vacations in France

A-Rosa boat at Tournus

Itineraries of luxury riverboat cruises on the Saone and Rhone Rivers in Burgundy and Provence usually include stops in Lyon, M芒con, Chalon, Vienne, Arles, and Avignon. The Rhone (Rh么ne) and Saone (Sa么ne) Rivers in Burgundy and Provence are the most popular in France for luxury riverboat cruising. Favorite excursions include several UNESCO-listed sites, Lyon, Cluny, … Read more