Cheap Flights to Dresden Airport (DRS) in Germany –

Flights to Dresden Airport in Saxony are mostly from other larger German cities, holiday destinations and very cheap tickets additions to connecting intercontinental flights.

Dresden Zwinger and Schloss

Connecting flights are available from Dresden Airport (DRS) to around 400 destinations in more than 100 countries but the number of non-stop flights and destinations are far more limited. Cheap flights from Flughafen Dresden go mostly south to the larger Mediterranean region where Germans enjoy their holidays. However, numerous flights are available from the capital of Saxony to German airports, especially to connect to intercontinental flights in Frankfurt and Munich, and other European cities including Moscow and Zurich. Suntransfers gives online quotation without requiring flight or private details in advance.

Cheap Non-Stop Flights to Dresden Airport (DRS) on Lufthansa (LH)

German airline Lufthansa and its associated and feeder airlines such as Germanwings and Eurowings are the largest operators at Dresden Airport. Special deals are often available for early reservations or flights at inconvenient hours.

The only flights operated by Lufthansa itself from Dresden Airport (DRS) is to Frankfurt Airport (FRA). The flight duration is only an hour which is only marginally faster than the four hours ICE trains of German Railways require for the same journey. However, for intercontinental travelers, the addition of a connecting flight from Frankfurt to Dresden is often nearly free while such additions on European flights are often as cheap as €30.

Domestic Flights to Dresden from German Cities

All other domestic flights to Dresden Airport from other German cities are operated by airlines directly associated with Lufthansa and all flights may be booked directly with Lufthansa with hundreds of further connecting flights available.

Domestic destinations from Dresden Airport:

  • Düsseldorf – 4 times per day on Eurowings
  • Frankfurt – 5 times per day on Lufthansa
  • Cologne / Bonn – 3 times per day on Germanwings
  • Munich – 5 times per day on Lufthansa Cityline
  • Stuttgart – 2 times per day on Eurowings

In contrast to low-cost airlines, flights on these airlines may usually be booked with guaranteed connections through Lufthansa but the services on board and luggage allowances may differ.

Non-Stop European Flights to Dresden

Currently, the only other cities with direct non-stop flights to Dresden Airport are:

  • Amsterdam – daily on KLM
  • Basel – four times per week on Easyjet
  • Moscow (SVO) – daily flight on Aeroflot
  • Zürich – twice-daily flights on Swiss

Intercontinental flights through these destinations are of course also available but the add-on flight to Dresden is usually cheaper when added to a Lufthansa flight.

Holiday Destinations and Charter Flights to Dresden

Further destinations with direct and non-stop flights to Dresden Airport are mostly sites popular with Germans on vacation. These are mostly holiday resorts around the Mediterranean Sea but in summer sometimes also include Iceland, Madeira and the Canary Islands.

Transportation to Dresden Airport in Germany

Few airports in the world can be reached as conveniently by public transportation as Dresden Airport. S-Bahn train S2 departs every half hour from the Airport to reach Dresden-Neustadt in 13 minutes and Dresden-Hauptbahnhof in 23 minutes. The ticket cost €2.30 – significantly less than the price of a cup of coffee on most European budget airlines (or cafés for that matter).

For Meißen, change to S-Bahn train S1 at Dresden-Neustadt – total traveling time is just less than an hour.

A further transportation option – useful only if the S-Bahn train was just missed, or if the final destination is closer to the tram line than the main train station – is to take bus 77 from the airport to Infineon Nord (7 minutes) and then change to tram line 7 (direction Pennrich) to reach the Hauptbahnhof in 26 minutes. The total traveling time is 35 minutes and the cost €2.30.

Tram line 7 passes through the center of the Neustadt neighborhood and to the west of the old town center of Dresden so is often conveniently close to major sights and hotels. The Staufenbergallee stop is at the very interesting German Military History Museum / “War Museum”.

Alternative Airports for Dresden

The closest alternative airport to Dresden is Leipzig-Halle but more flights – especially on low-cost budget airlines – go to Berlin-Schönefeld Airport (SXF) to the south of Berlin. Transportation from Berlin-Schönefeld to Dresden is easy by bus or train.

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