Top Temporary Exhibitions in Berlin’s State Museums in 2020

Detail from the Queen of Sheba and Solomon

In 2020, the state museums in Berlin will arrange several special exhibitions to enhance its vast permanent art, historical and cultural collections. The top temporary cultural exhibitions in Berlin in 2020 will include a fresh look at the Germanic tribes in the Rhine region and an examination of the influence of the Late Gothic on … Read more

Top Temporary Art Exhibitions in Kulturforum Berlin in 2020

Raffael, Maria mit dem segnenden Kind und den Heiligen Hieronymus und Franziskus

Raphael’s Madonnas and the Late Gothic are the top exhibitions in the Gemäldegalerie in 2020 but several prints and drawings collections will also draw visitors to Berlin’s Kulturforum. The two top temporary art exhibitions in Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie in 2020 feature six Madonnas by Raphael and the role of Late Gothic in the birth of modernity. … Read more

Top Temporary Exhibitions on Berlin’s Museum Island in 2020

Detail of the Germanic Shield of Wachow

A critical look at Germanic tribes is the most-interesting temporary exhibition on Berlin’s Museum Island in 2020, although the opening of the Humboldt Forum will be the cultural highlight of the year.  The opening of the Humboldt Forum with museums from the Asian Art and Ethnological collection is the main cultural event on Berlin’s Museum … Read more

Top Art Exhibitions in Berlin’s Hamburger Bahnhof in 2020

Katharina Grosse, I Think This Is a Pine Tree, 2013

Special exhibitions in Berlin’s Contemporary Art Museum include artists Katharina Grosse, Michael Schmidt and Pauline Curnier Jardin in addition to the museum’s own extensive collection. In 2020, Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin will host a variety of temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. The main exhibition — Magical Soup — draw mostly on … Read more

Special Temporary Art Exhibition in Smaller Berlin Museums in 2020

Museum Berggruen in Berlin

Welcome to the BRD is an exhibition in Berlin in 2020 on how guest workers from Greece and Italy and finally citizens from the former East Germany were received and perceived in West Germany. Some of the lesser-known national museums in Berlin have excellent collections that are enhanced by special temporary exhibitions making these galleries … Read more