Rhine and Mosel Riverboat Day-Trip Cruises from Koblenz

Deutsche Eck in Koblenz from the air

Boats cruise from Koblenz for day excursion riverboat sightseeing cruises on the Rhine (Rüdesheim) and Mosel River (Cochem) in Germany to see the Loreley, castles, and vineyards. Cruises from Koblenz to Cologne (Köln) and Bonn are rare but train links are fast. Koblenz, at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel (Moselle) Rivers, has excellent … Read more

Rhine and Mosel Riverboat Cruise Lines from Koblenz in Germany

Rhine River Boat in Koblenz

KD (Köln-Düsseldorfer) and other cruise lines offer Rhine River day-trip excursion cruises from Koblenz in Germany. Special offers and discount deals are available. Koblenz, at the center of the Middle Rhine Valley, is a great departure port for cruising on the Rhein and Mosel River in Germany. KD (Köln-Düsseldorfer) is the largest operator of day-trip … Read more

Day Trip Rhine and Main River Boat Cruises from Frankfurt in Germany

Primus Line Boats in Frankfurt am Main for river boat cruises

Riverboats depart frequently from Frankfurt for day-trip excursions and pleasure cruises on the Main and Rhine River in Germany. Pleasure cruises on the Main and Rhine rivers are easy to enjoy from Frankfurt am Main. Primus and KD boats have several sightseeing cruises on the Main River – often with meals or after-work drinks – … Read more

By Train to Day-Trip Boat Cruises on the Rhine River from Frankfurt and Airport

Day trips and boat pleasure cruises on the Rhine River (Rhein) and Loreley Valley are easy from Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof and Airport (FRA) in Germany — use the train to Rüdesheim or Koblenz. Regular day pleasure boat cruises on the Rhine River (Rhein) rarely depart from Frankfurt am Main itself but are easily arranged. … Read more

Visit Schloss Hohenschwangau in Bavaria, Germany

Visit Schloss Hohenschwangau Castle near Munich

Visit the Neo-Gothic Schloss Hohenschwanga to see the childhood home of King Ludwig II of Bavaria which inspired the construction of the Disney-like Neuschwanstein Castle near Munich in Germany. Schwangau near Füssen in Southern Germany is mostly visited to see the Disney-like, fairy-tale Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle. Less famous is the nearby Neo-Gothic Schloss Hohenschwangau where … Read more