Visit the UNESCO Listed St Gallen Monastery Library, Switzerland

The Baroque Library of St Gallen

The Rococo library hall and cathedral are amongst the best Baroque architecture in Switzerland and the top sights to see in the St Gallen monastery complex. The top sight to see in the lovely Swiss city Sankt Gallen (Saint-Gall in French) is the Baroque monastery complex with its magnificent Rococo library and impressive cathedral. The … Read more

Top Sights in Amberg in the Oberpfalz, Germany

Old Town and Baroque Churches by Dietzenhofer, Asam, Carlone, & Zimmermann

Baroque churches by Dietzenhofer, Asam, Carlone, & Zimmermann and a romantic old town are the major sights to see in Amberg in the Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate), Germany.

Amberg Oberpfalz

Amberg in the Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) in northern Bavaria in Germany is an interesting old town with a colorful history and some astonishing Baroque masterpieces by amongst others Wolfgang Dietzenhofer, Cosmas Damien Asam, Giovanni Battista Carlone, and Johann Baptist Zimmermann. The town was once the capital of the Wittelsbach-ruled Oberpfalz and during the seventeenth century became a bastion of the counter-reformation – the results are some stunning Baroque and Rococo works in what is today a small town far removed from the political, cultural, and economic arteries of the modern world.

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Visit Baroque Waldsassen in the Oberpfalz, Germany

Waldsassen Chapel

Cistercian Monastery with Churches and Library by Georg Dientzenhofer

Baroque churches and monastery library by Georg Dientzenhofer, Carlone, Hofreiter, and Steinfels are the top sights in Waldsassen in the Upper Palatinate, Germany.


The main reason to visit Waldsassen is to see the Cistercian abbey church and library – both are masterpieces of the Bavarian Baroque and Rococo. The Wallfahrtskirche der Heiligsten Dreifaltigkeit (Pilgrim’s Church of the Holy Trinity) just outside Waldsassen is a further popular sightseeing destination.

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