See Stendal’s Brick Gothic and Romanesque Town Gate Towers

Detail of the Brick Gothic Uenglinger Tor in Hansestadt Stendal

The brick Gothic Uenglinger Tor and Romanesque Tangermünder Tor are two beautiful medieval town gate towers in Stendal in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Only two of Hansestadt Stendal’s medieval town gate towers survived but both are exceptionally beautiful: the brick Gothic Uenglinger Tor is the better looking but the Tangermünder Tor with early 13th-century Romanesque base is … Read more

Visit the Romanesque Kloster Jerichow Monastery in Germany

Kloster Jerichow Monastery in Germany

The collegiate church at Kloster Jerichow (Monastery) in Saxony-Anhalt is one of the oldest brick Romanesque buildings in Northern Germany. The 12th-century basilica and complex of Kloster Jerichow is the oldest brick building east of the Elbe River and a top sight to see on the Romanesque holiday routes (Straße der Romanik) of both Saxony-Anhalt … Read more

Visit San Zeno Maggiore Church in Verona, Italy

San Zeno Maggiore in Verona

The large Basilica San Zeno Maggiore is the finest church in Verona and one of the most important Romanesque churches in Northern Italy. San Zeno Maggiore is architecturally the most important church in Verona. This large Romanesque basilica, with cloisters and a separate bell tower, was part of a Benedictine monastery that often housed the … Read more

Visit Aachen Cathedral to See Charlemagne’s Throne and Shrine

Guided tour in Aachen Cathedral Choir

The imperial throne and tomb of Charlemagne in a gilded shrine are top attractions to see in the Carolingian Aachener Dom in Germany. Aachen Cathedral (Aachener Dom) is one of the most famous and most interesting historic buildings in Germany. It was originally the palatine chapel of Charlemagne and for almost six centuries the church … Read more

The Building and Exterior of Aachen Cathedral

Roofs of Aachen Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral’s core was built by Charlemagne but later additions enlarged the palatine chapel that became the coronation church of German kings. Aachen Cathedral (Aachener Dom) in western Germany is one of the oldest continuously in use buildings in Germany. The octagonal core of the church was built by Charlemagne as a Mary chapel attached … Read more