Walking on the Free Ramparts and Town Walls of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Sentry Walk on the Walls of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Walking on the sentry walk on the walls and ramparts of Rothenburg ob der Tauber is free and a top attraction when visiting the romantic, wall-enclosed medieval town. Romantic Rothenburg ob der Tauber, at the heart of the Romantische StraĂźe tourist route in Germany, is famous for its beautifully preserved picture-perfect medieval old town center … Read more

Visit Bad Windsheim’s Franconian Open-Air Museum & Spa, Bavaria

Bad Windsheim in Franken, Bavaria has the interesting Franconian Open-Air Museum, a mostly Baroque old town, and a modern spa with mineral salt baths.

Bad Windsheim Fränkisches Freilandmuseum (Photo Janericloebe / Wikimedia Commons)

Bad Windsheim, at the edge of the Steigerwald, has an interesting old town and modern spa facilities but the main attraction is the Franconian Open Air Museum (Fränkisches Freilandmuseum), one of the largest and most interesting in Europe.

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Colmberg with Staufen Castle Hotel and Restaurant in Bavaria, Germany

Burg Colmberg Castle Hotel in Germany

Colmberg is a romantic town in Franconia, Bavaria with a famous Staufen-era castle – now a hotel and restaurant – and a pleasant old town with half-timbered houses.

Burg Colmberg Catsle Hotel (Photo Die BurgenstraĂźe)

Colmberg is a typical romantic Franken town with numerous half-timbered houses. The main reason to visit can be seen from afar – Burg Colmberg that towers over the town from a hill around 50m/160 ft higher than the surrounding countryside. This Staufen castle is open to visitors and has a reasonably priced hotel and restaurant.

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Top Sights to See in Heilsbronn in Franken, Bavaria, Germany

Hohenzollern Tombs in Heilsbronn, Germany

Heilsbronn in Franken, Bavaria is mostly visited to see the Romanesque Klosterkirche (Monastery Church) with altars, art, and the tombs of Hohenzollern rulers.

© Wolfgang Sauber / Wikimedia Commons

Heilsbronn’s history goes back to 1132 when the bishop of Bamberg founded a monastery here at the conjunction of the territories of the Bishoprics of Bamberg, Würzburg, and Eichstätt. The monastery was once one of the richest in Franken but following secularization in the 16th century, the area lost in importance. The community surrounding the former monastery in Heilsbronn only received town rights in 1932.

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Top Sights to See in Ansbach Old Town, Bavaria, Germany

Schloss Lichtenau in Germany

Top sights in Ansbach other than the Baroque Residenz palace include the St Gumbertus church with its Schwanenritterkapelle and the Lichtenau Fortress.

Schloss Lichtenau
Lichtenau (Photo Die BurgenstraĂźe)

The top sight in Ansbach is the Markgräfliches Residenz (Margrave Palace) with the Hofgarten (Court Garden) but it is rewarding to stroll through the romantic old town with its faux-Baroque buildings. A brief walk through the old town is rewarding.

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Visit Romantic Franconian Ansbach with Baroque Hohenzollern Palace

Orangerie in Ansbach in Franken, Germany

Ansbach is a romantic town in Franken with a Baroque palace (Markgräfliche Residenz) and Hofgarten that remind of the links with the Hohenzollern-Brandenburg dynasty.

Ansbach Orangerie (Photo: Die BurgenstraĂźe)

Ansbach in Romantic Franconia (Romantische Franken) is typified by Baroque palaces rather than medieval fortifications and half-timbered houses that dominate in other old town in the region.  The main sights in Ansbach are the Baroque Markgräfliche Residenz (Margrave Residence Palace) and Hofgarten (Court Gardens), which are linked to the Hohenzollern family that ruled as kings of Prussia and emperors of the German Empire.

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Visit Romantische Franken (Romantic Franconia) in Bavaria, Germany

Romantic Franconian sights include Baroque Ansbach, Colmberg castle, Klosterkirche Minster in Heilsbronn, and Bad Windsheim with a spa and open-air museum. Romantische Franken (Romantic Franconia) is in the northwestern parts of Bavaria in Germany. The most popular sights in Romantische Franken are those along the Romantic Road (Romantische StraĂźe) between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and … Read more

Adventures in Romantic Franken – Cycling, Hiking, Model Trains & Spas

Burg Colmberg Castle Hotel in Germany

Town Walks in Ansbach, Spa in Bad Windsheim and Cycling Routes in Franconia

Burg Colmberg Catsle Hotel (Photo Die BurgenstraĂźe)

The Romantische Franken (Romantic Franconia) region is popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Several cycling routes in Romantic Franken include stops in Ansbach, Colmburg, and Heilbronn, while Bad Windsheim has a modern spa and one of the largest model train exhibitions in Germany.

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