Hotels & Restaurants in Romantische Franken Towns Ansbach, Colmburg, Bad Windsheim

Ansbach, Colmburg (castle hotel), and Bad Windsheim have good hotels and restaurants to compete with more famous Romantic Franken (Romantische Franken) towns in Bavaria.

Colmberg Burghof (Photo Die Burgenstraße)

Hotels & Restaurants in Ansbach, Germany

The Best Western Hotel am Drechsels Garten is a modern hotel in a quiet location to the south of the town. It has modern, well-equipped rooms. Bicycle rentals are available for guests. The Drechsels Stube serves local and international dishes. Am Drechselsgarten 1, 91522 Ansbach, tel 0981-89-020, fax 0981-8902-605.

In contrast, the Hotel Bürger-Palais is a small, 12-room hotel in a former Baroque palace very close to the Markgrafenschloss. Rooms are very stylish, comfortable, and partly furnished with antiques. The rustic Bürger Stüble is wood-paneled and serves local cuisine with a light touch. Neustadt 48, 91522 Ansbach, tel 0981-95-131, fax 0981-95-600.

Hotel Restaurant Schwarzer Bock is in a Rococo building in the heart of the old town. The wooden-floor rooms are functionally furnished. The restaurant serves fine Franconian specialties. Pfarrstraße 31, 91522 Ansbach, tel 0981-421-240, fax 0981-421-2424.

Hotel-Gasthof Der Platengarten is a small hotel across the road from the Markgrafenschloss. Rooms are functionally furnished using mostly antique furniture. The restaurant serves local and international food. Promenade 30, 91522 Ansbach, tel 0981-971-420, fax 0981-971-4242.

Café-Restaurant Orangerie, tel 0981-2170, is in the Orangery in the Hofgarten. It serves Franconian and German dishes with a light touch in very stylish surroundings.

Hotels & Restaurants in Colmberg, Bavaria, Germany

Hotel Burg Colmberg is inside the millennium-old castle. Rooms are comfortable and individually furnished in styles ranging from historic to modern. Prices are surprisingly reasonable for this historical location. The restaurant serves mostly Franconian dishes. Burg Colmberg, 91598 Colmberg, tel 09803-91-920, fax 09803-262.

Hotels & Restaurants in Bad Windsheim, Bavaria, Germany

Hotel Arvena Reichsstadt is in the center of the old town next to St Kilian’s. It combines an historic, 16th-century building with a new wing. All rooms are modern and comfortably furnished. The Alte Schule (Old School) is in the old building that was used as a school up to the early 20th century. It serves local and international dishes. Pastoriusstr. 5, 91438 Bad Windsheim, 09841-9070, fax 09841-907-200.

Recent research revealed that the wood for the roof frame of the Flair Hotel zum Storchen was felled in 1296 – this makes part of the hotel one of around a dozen half-timbered buildings in Germany from the 13th century. However, the bedrooms are modern and very comfortably furnished. The restaurant serves local cuisine with seasonal variations. Weinmarkt 6, 91438 Bad Windsheim, tel 09841-669-890, fax 09841-669-8930.

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