Visit the Gothic St Michael’s Church (Michaelskirche) in Schwäbisch Hall

Vaulting of the Choir of St Michael's in Schwäbish Hall

St Michael’s in Schwäbisch Hall is a late Gothic church with magnificent vaulting and a surprising amount of art for a Lutheran church. The St Michaelskirche is the main church in the picturesque village Schwäbisch Hall in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It is a mostly late Gothic church with an impressive choir and elegant vaulting. … Read more

Visit the Free Local History Museum in Schwäbisch Hall

Bemalten Schuetzenscheiben in the Hällisch-Fränkisches Museum in Schwäbisch Hall

The Hällisch-Fränkisches Museum in Schwäbisch Hall in southern Germany is a free and fun local history museum to visit. Schwäbisch Hall is a picture-perfect German town in Baden-Württemberg complete with many half-timbered houses, a large Gothic church in front of a market square with cafes, a modern art museum, and a river flowing through it. … Read more

See Art in the Free Kunsthalle Würth and Johanniterkirche in Schwäbisch Hall

Modern Kunsthalle Würth Schwäbisch Hall

Visitors may see modern art for free in the Kunsthalle Würth Schwäbisch Hall and top medieval masterpieces in the nearby Johanniterkirche. Schwäbisch Hall, a beautiful southern German town with many half-timbered houses, a picturesque market square with a large Gothic church, and a fine town museum, surprises many visitors with the large free modern art … Read more

Visit the Sinsheim Museum of Technology in Germany

Tupolev Tu-144 Sinsheim Museum of Technology

The Technik Museum Sinsheim is one of the largest and most popular technology exhibitions in Germany with a top collection of planes and cars. The hugely popular Technik Museum Sinsheim is one of the most-popular private museums in Europe. Its collection covers anything technology related from user manuals to complete supersonic aircraft. The museum is … Read more