Save at Metzingen Outlet Shopping Malls on Brand Name Fashion near Stuttgart

Hugo Boss, Bally, WMF, and Calvin Klein are just some of the fashion brands offering savings and discounts at factory outlet stores in the malls in Metzingen Outlet City near Stuttgart in Germany.

Metzingen Outlet City near Stuttgart

Metzingen Outlet City near Stuttgart has some of the best and largest factory outlet stores in Germany and Europe.  The town became famous for its Hugo Boss factory outlet shops but has since been joined by some of the most prestigious fashion brands in Europe. Savings can be enjoyed in official factory outlet stores in Metzingen at amongst others Hugo Boss, Bally, Calvin Klein, Oakley, Timberland, Max Mara, Burberry, Escada, Adidas, and Nike. Lindt (chocolates), WMF (stainless steel), Swatch, and Swarovski also have outlet stores in Metzingen. Cheap childcare facilities are available.

Savings at Outletcity Metzingen Factory Stores near Stuttgart, Germany

Metzingen Outlet City near Stuttgart

Metzingen Outlet City is not merely an outlet mall or artificially created outlet village. In Metzingen, the whole town center is full of outlet shops. The main Outletcity Metzingen consists of around twenty large and modern buildings packed with 50 factory stores but many further unofficial outlet stores can be found nearby in town.  Savings here can be even bigger.

The factory outlet shops and malls in Metzingen are often referred to be different names. The official name is Outletcity Metzingen, which has two locations. The larger center with shops in many separate buildings is referred to as Location Hugo Boss – it is located in the town center and most signs will point visitors here. The second Outlet City Metzingen center is Location Samtfabrik – this much smaller complex is to the north of the town center and train station and mostly used for special sales (and often the largest savings and discounts) by Hugo Boss and others. (Maps are freely available at the shops and information center.)


Save on Hugo Boss at Outlet City Metzingen neat Stuttgart

Factory Outlet Stores in Metzingen

Hugo Boss put Metzingen on the world fashion map and its five factory outlet stores here are still the main draw for many shoppers.

Hugo Boss has two “normal” outlet factory stores in Metzingen Outletcity. Shoppers here can enjoy the 30 to 70 percent discounts that seem to be the standard advertised savings for all outlet malls around the world.

However, for the biggest savings on Hugo Boss clothes, shoes, and accessories, it is worth finding the three specialized shops. Hugo Boss Shoes is behind the children play area while the Hugo Boss Special Sale area is a bit further down the road behind parking garage P1.  The biggest savings are often available at the second “Special Sales” shop located at the Hugo Boss Samtfabrik towards the north of the town center. (About 20 minutes walk or a few minutes by car from the main shopping area.) These shops are also official Hugo Boss factory outlet stores, while unofficial stores in town may also offer large savings.

Discounts at 50 Factory Outlet Stores in Metzingen, Germany

Metzingen Outlet City near Stuttgart

Around 50 fashion brands have flagship, single brand factory outlet stores at Metzingen Outlet City. These brands include amongst others Adidas, Bally, Basler, Bogner, Burberry, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear, Crocs, Diesel, Dockers, Escada, Esprit, Falke, Hugo Boss, Joop!, Lacoste, Levi, Lindt, Marc O’Polo, May Mara, Nike, Oakley, O’Neill, Pepe Jeans, Petit Bateau, Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma, Reebok, Samsonite, Swarovski, Swatch, Tchibo, Timberland, Tom Tailor, Tommy Hilfiger, WMF, and Wolford.

Most of the outlet shops in Metzingen sell fashion but a few others are worth noting. WMF, German producer of high-end stainless steel kitchen utensils and household accessories, has a massive store in Metzingen with huge savings. Many of the WMF items make excellent gifts and much more useful than cheap trinkets bought at traditional souvenir stores.

Tchibo is well known in Germany but less so in the non-German-speaking world. The large Tchibo Prozente store has an eclectic collection of items ranging from coffee (Tchibo’s original business) to clothes and electronics.

Lindt, Swiss chocolatiers with a worldwide presence, also has an outlet shop at Metzingen. Chocolate lovers willing to eat chocolate out of season, e.g. Easter eggs in early summer, or unwrapped pralines, may find that prices for Lindt chocolates can be as low as €3 per kg.

Cheap Child Care Facilities at Metzingen Outlet City near Stuttgart

Parents may make use of cheap childcare facilities while shopping at Metzingen Outlet City on Saturdays and Friday afternoons. Childcare at around €2.50 per hour (up to four hours per day) is available on Saturdays from 9 am to 8 pm and on Fridays from noon to 8 pm. Children may be between 3 and 12 years old.

Metzingen Outlet City’s Kids Camp is located on the third floor of the Joop! building.

Opening Hours and Transportation to the Metzingen Outlet Factory Stores

The factory outlet stores at Metzingen are open weekdays from 10 am to 8 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm. Hugo Boss opens at 8 am on Saturdays. The shops remain closed on Sundays.

Tax-free shopping is available to all non-EU residents. Ask for the paperwork at time of purchase – items must be shown unused to customs officials when leaving the European Union area.

Metzingen is to the south of Stuttgart Airport and can easily be reached by car, train, or special shopping shuttle from Stuttgart. Suntransfers gives online quotations for private airport transfers without first requiring personal details or flight numbers.

See Transportation to Metzingen Outlet City for more details on getting to the factory stores.

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