Cheap Flights to Bremen Airport in Northern Germany

Low Airfares & Discount Tickets to BRE on Low-Cost Airlines Including Ryanair Ryanair, Air Berlin, OLT and Lufthansa sell cheap tickets for low airfares on flights to Bremen Airport (BRE) from London, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Paris. photo credit: snooker68 Bremen Airport is a regional airport served by both low-cost carriers and full-service airlines on … Read more

Cheap Flights to Airports in the North of Germany

Airlines Flying to Hamburg, Lübeck, Rostock, Bremen and Hanover

Major airports in Northern Germany include Hamburg (HAM), Lübeck (LBC), Rostock (RLG), Bremen (BRE), and Hannover (HAJ). Cheap tickets on low-cost airlines make these attractive alternatives to Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Berlin airports.
Hamburger Airport
photo credit: maximum11

The number of flights and destinations served from Northern Germany inceased dramatically in recent years. Low-cost airlines fly to many airports in the north of Germany including Hamburg, Lübeck, Rostock, Bremen, and Hannover. Although most intercontinental passengers still have to travel via Frankfurt International, cheap, direct flights on low-cost airlines allow many European travelers to fly directly to their destinations in Northern Germany.

  • Use major ticket reservation services to compare prices and alternative routes before accepting a low-cost airline’s price to a less convenient airport as a true bargain. Also note the additional charges low-cost airlines add for services that are still included on traditional full-service carriers.

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