Visit the German Tank Museum (Deutsches Panzermuseum) in Munster near Hamburg

German Panzer IV

The German Tank Museum (Deutsches Panzermuseum) has around 150 tanks and related vehicles on display from the earliest examples to modern NATO equipment. The German Tank Museum (Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster) explains the history and development of tanks from the First World War to the present. The museum has around 150 tanks and similar armored vehicles … Read more

Visit the Swiss National Museum of History and Culture in Zurich

Globe in the Swiss National Museum in Zurich

The Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum Zürich) is the largest culture and history museum in Switzerland and a top sightseeing attraction in Zurich. The Swiss National Museum in Zurich (Schweizerisches Landesmuseum Zürich) is the largest and most important depository of cultural and historical items in Switzerland. The museum’s permanent displays include sections on Swiss history, furniture, … Read more

R301 DDR / GDR Museum Berlin Visitors Information

The DDR Museum is on the banks of the Spree River across the river from the Berliner Dom

Long opening hours and a great location help to make the DDR (GDR) Museum on life in Communist East Germany one of the most popular sights with visitors to Berlin. The DDR Museum in Berlin has established itself as one of the most popular sights to see when visiting the capital of Germany. Tourists from … Read more