By Bus and U-Bahn Train to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)

Trains generally provide the easiest, fastest, and cheapest public transportation to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) but for some travelers, bus X7 and the U-Bahn trains are also useful.

Map of bus routes to Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER
Note: routes and numbers have changed somewhat © VBB

Getting to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt Flughafen (BER) is usually easiest on the Airport Express and other trains. However, occasionally buses and the U-Bahn train are also attractive, especially when traveling to the southern and western suburbs of Berlin including Rudow, Alt Mariendorf, Steglitz, and stops on the U-Bahn line U7 such as Neukölln, Hermannplatz, and even Spandau. The cost for buses and trains to the airport is the same – usually, an ABC ticket is required or a BC ticket if staying to the south of the center of Berlin.

As Schönefeld (previously BER Terminal 5 or SXF) is now permanently closed, buses X7 and X71 no longer stop here en route to Airport Terminal 1 and 2.

By U-Bahn Train U7 to Berlin Brandenburg Airport

U Bahn Sign in Berlin

Plans to connect Berlin’s new airport with the U-Bahn metro train network were dropped for financial reasons. However, U-Bahn station Rudow on line U7 is a mere 12-minute bus ride from Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) and a very good option for many travelers.

From Berlin Brandenburg Airport, buses X7 and X71 provide a connection to U Rudow every five minutes during most of the day. The bus ride is only around 10 minutes with U-Bahn trains departing every five minutes as well. (Use bus N7 at night – twice per hour.)

Bus X7 and X71 depart from bus stops A 6-7 at Berlin Airport while the bus stop at U Rudow is directly in front of the entrance to the metro. Signposting is very clear, or follow anyone with a suitcase.

U-Bahn line U7 cuts several wide s-cures through Berlin on its way from the south to Spandau at the northwest of the city. Traveling all the way from Berlin airport to Spandau by bus and U7 takes 1h15, only 15 minutes more than the less frequent direct trains.

For many other stops the traveling will be significantly faster using U7. Major stops on U-Bahn U7 line with important transportation connections include amongst others (minutes from Radow) Johannisthaler Chaussee (6), Neukölln (13), Hermannplatz (18), Mehringdamm (23), Yorckstraße (26), Kleistpark (28), Bayerischer Platz (30), Fehrbelliner Platz (34), Adenaurplatz (37), Wilmersdorfer Str (38), Jungfernheide (44), Jakob-Kaiser-Platz (45), and Rathaus Spandau (57).

U-Bahn line U7 operates from around 4 am to midnight and longer hours on weekends.


Taking Bus X71 to Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Bus Sign in Berlin

Bus X71 is a fairly new service that should provide a useful service to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport for travelers from Alt Mariendorf, Johannisthaler Chaussee, and Rudow.

Several further buses will be available from Berlin Brandenburg Airport but these are only of interest to local travelers. Long-distance and intercity buses, Flixbus, provide cheap transportation directly from the airport to many destinations in Germany and Poland.

For most travelers, and especially foreign tourists, the Airport Express and regional trains to Berlin Hauptbahnhof and the city center provide the easiest transportation from Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Berlin Public Transportation Bus and Trains Ticket Prices in 2024

Berlin public transportation prices in 2024 are as follows:

Prices in €AB TicketsABC Tickets
24-Hours (Group of 5)31.0033.00
Berlin Welcome Card 72h35.0040.00
7-Days (VBB Umweltkarte)41.5049.00
Deutschland Ticket Monthly Subscription49.0049.00

Note. Single tickets are valid for 120 minutes, transfers are allowed but no return or circular journeys. A Kurzstrecke (€4.20) is valid for 3 train or 6 bus stops — no transfers or journey interruptions. AB includes central Berlin, ABC the larger Berlin area including travel to the Airport, Potsdam, and Oranienburg.

Transportation to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)

Public transportation from Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) to Berlin generally requires an ABC ticket — €4.40 in 2024. Many further deals and passes are available to travelers.

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