Save on Top Sightseeing Sites Tickets in Bavaria, Germany

Schloss Nymphenburg in München

The Bavaria castles and palaces discount season passes give cheap access and save on admission tickets at top sightseeing destinations such as Schloss Neuschwanstein and the Munich Residenz. Visitors to Bavaria in Southern Germany may save on admission fees to top castles and palaces by using special discount season tickets and passes. These savings tickets … Read more

Visit Schloss Thun Castle in Switzerland

Schloss Thun Castle in Switzerland

Schloss Thun, an authentic medieval castle, towers over the old town high above the Aare River and the Thuner See.Visiting Schloss Thun is fun. Visiting the castle requires more of a physical than mental workout with many stairs, prime views, and only a few exhibitions. The white, square castle dates from the late twelfth century … Read more

Visit Schloss Oberhofen Castle on Lake Thun in Switzerland

Schloss Oberhofen Castle on Lake Thun

Schloss Oberhofen is a postcard-perfect historic castle with a toe in the water of the lovely Thunersee near Bern in Switzerland. Oberhofen Castle, directly on the shores of Lake Thun, is a popular subject for postcards and tourist brochures advertising the beauty of Switzerland. This historic castle even has a small, much-photographed tower inside the … Read more

Visit Schloss Spiez Castle on Lake Thun in Switzerland

Schloss Spiez Castle & Church

Schloss Spiez is an interesting historic castle beautifully located on the shores of the Thunersee near Bern and Interlaken in Switzerland. Castle Spiez is a small romantic castle with lovely gardens, a fine Romanesque church, and spectacular views of Lake Thun and Alpine peaks of the Berner (Bernese) Oberland region of Switzerland. The castle has … Read more