Hotel Review: Novotel Suitehotel in Nancy, France

Accor’s Great Savings Option for Business Travelers and Small Families

The family-friendly Novotel Suitehotel Nancy offers great savings and cheap deals to travelers requiring a modern, comfortable bed-room with some kitchen facilities and four full beds.

Suitehotel Nancy, France

The Suitehotel Nancy in Lorraine, France is like other Accor Group Suitehotels very new and modern. The Suitehotel Nancy is in a quiet, newly spruced-up neighborhood a bit to the east of the old town. The hotel offers great value for money with advance reservations on especially weekend nights positively cheap. Like all Suitehotels, rooms sleep up to four in comfort. A small fridge, microwave oven, and electrical kettle allow for the preparation of small meals in the room.

The Novotel Suitehotel Nancy rates are typically around €80 for two adults and two children under 12 with better deals available for advance reservations.

Comfortable Rooms in the Novotel Suitehotel Nancy in Lorraine, France

Room in the Suitehotel Nancy, FranceThe Novotel Suithotel Nancy is like all hotels in the chain brand new and modern. All Suitehotel rooms are exactly the same with the same advantages and a few minor irritations. Suitehotel rooms are fairly spacious with a double bed and two full single beds. One single bed slid under the double bed while the second bed can double up as a coach during the day. Mattresses are thick foam, which are very comfortable although some visitors find them too hard.

The Novotel Suitehotel can thus sleep four in comfort. However, it should be noted that room dividers are like thick curtains and these screens neither damp sound nor light and do not provide much in terms of privacy. In contrast, the blinds do quite a suitable job of cutting out sunlight.

Similarly, the door to the bathroom with bath tub and separate walk-in shower does not provide for complete privacy either. The toilet is conveniently in a separate room. Sufficient towels are provided for four guests. Closet space is somewhat limited and living from the suitcase is probably the better option.

Kitchen Facilities and Meals in the Novotel Suitehotel Nancy

Novotel Suitehotel rooms have a very small kitchen area with a small washing up basin, a microwave, small fridge, and electric kettle. Cutlery is limited to paper cups but more disposable items are available at reception.

The food sold at reception turned out to be quite a disappointment. Although fine looking uncooked, the meal turned out pretty grey once microwaved and devoid of any taste. A breakfast is available in the restaurant but free coffee and cake are also served at reception each morning.

A large E Leclerc supermarket is just an easy walk from the Novotel Suitehotel – ask reception for directions. This convenient supermarket have much better options for ready-prepared and microwaveable meals at lower prices and more important better taste than is available at reception. Hotel guests planning on preparing more meals in the room would be wise to call here not only for food but for more suitable cups, plates, glasses, and cutlery too.

Internet and In-Room Safes at the Novotel Suitehotel Nancy, France

The Suitehotel Nancy has free internet in the bed rooms. Either use the fairly cumbersome cordless keyboard with the TV or far more handy, plug a notebook into the network (cable provided). A wireless service is available but charged for through some major French provider and is probably of more interest to French residents or travelers spending some time in France.

At reception, a free PC with internet and printer is available for guests use. An ultrasensitive filter make many commonly used websites inaccessible and even pdf documents could not be printed.

Novotel Suitehotels have free safety deposit boxes in the bed rooms. These safes are fairly spacious and can easily accommodate even larger notebooks.

A few English-language channels are available on the TV and more pay for services are available. Lightening in the room is fairly good with many options and individual switches.

Getting to the Novotel Suitehotel Nancy

Water Gardens
Water Gardens

The Suitehotel Nancy is brand new and thus not on all maps. It is located to the east of the old town in a newly redeveloped area next to the shipping Canal de Marne au Rhin. The neighborhood is pleasant to walk in with a newly developed water park with different theme gardens.

The Suitehotel is around ten minutes’ stroll from the edge of Nancy old town. Tram 1 from the train station and the old town stops at Saint George within visual distance from the Suitehotel.

As with many other Accor Hotels, the Novotel Suitehotel Nancy shares facilities with the adjacent Etap – the sign for the Etap is often brighter and more visible at night.

Novotel Suitehotel Nancy, Allée du Chanoine Drioton, Stanislas Meurthe, Jardins d’eau, 54000 Nancy, France, Tel : (+33)3/83322880
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