Visit Aachen Cathedral to See Charlemagne’s Throne and Shrine

Guided tour in Aachen Cathedral Choir

The imperial throne and tomb of Charlemagne in a gilded shrine are top attractions to see in the Carolingian Aachener Dom in Germany. Aachen Cathedral (Aachener Dom) is one of the most famous and most interesting historic buildings in Germany. It was originally the palatine chapel of Charlemagne and for almost six centuries the church … Read more

Interior of Aachen Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral Interior

Aachen Cathedral blends original Carolingian elements with later mostly Gothic decorations and additions as well as modern Byzantine-style mosaics. Aachen Cathedral is one of the shiniest cathedrals in Germany. The interior shows an unusual amount of gold while the Byzantine-style mosaics add color and bling to what is in part a fairly dark building. The … Read more

The Building and Exterior of Aachen Cathedral

Roofs of Aachen Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral’s core was built by Charlemagne but later additions enlarged the palatine chapel that became the coronation church of German kings. Aachen Cathedral (Aachener Dom) in western Germany is one of the oldest continuously in use buildings in Germany. The octagonal core of the church was built by Charlemagne as a Mary chapel attached … Read more

See the Gothic Choir of Aachen Cathedral

Gothic Aachen Cathedral Choir

The choir of the Aachener Dom contains the shrine of Charlemagne, further relics, and magnificent Ottonian and Romanesque art. The magnificent choir area of the Aachen Cathedral in western Germany has the remains of Charlemagne (Karl der Grosse / Charles the Great) in a large gilded early 13th-century shrine (Karlsschrein). The Mary shrine (Marienschrein) from … Read more

See the Aachen Cathedral Treasury in Germany

Karlsbüste in Aachen

The Aachener Domschatz is one of the most important treasuries in Europe with art related to Charlemagne, German royal coronations, liturgy, and relics. The Aachen Cathedral Treasury (Aachener Domschattz) is one of the largest and most important treasuries of medieval Christian artworks in Europe. The treasury has over a hundred works that are exhibited in … Read more

Visit the Hermannsdenkmal with Arminius Statue in the Teutoburg Forest

Arminius Statue on the Hermannsdenkmal

Arminius on the Hermannsdenkmal is the largest sculpture in Germany. It commemorates the victory of Germanic tribes over the Romans in AD9 in the Teutoburg Forest. The 19th-century Hermannsdenkmal (Arminius Memorial) is a large bronze statue of Germanic leader Arminius mounted on a columned pedestal on top of a hill in the Teutoburg Forest near … Read more

Visit the Externsteine Sandstone Rocks in the Teutoburg Forest in Germany

Externsteine reflected in the water of the artificial pond

The sandstone rock ridge of the Externsteine, often associated with the Saxon pagan irminsul, is a top sight to see in the Teutoburg Forest in Germany. The Externsteine is a row of large rock formations in the Teutoburger Wald near Detmold in the Lippe district of North-Rhine Westphalia. They are particularly noteworthy as there are … Read more

Cheap Transportation to Cologne-Bonn Airport CGN

ICE Train in Cologne Bonn Airport Station

Getting to Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN) is easy and cheap on S-Bahn and ICE trains from Köln Hauptbahnhof or the Airport Express Bus SB60 from Bonn. Public transportation makes it easy getting to Cologne-Bonn Airport (CGN) near Köln in the Rhinelands of Germany. S-Bahn trains from Köln Hauptbahnhof (central main train station) provide fast and cheap … Read more

By IC Bus from Düsseldorf to Antwerp, Eindhoven, Roermond and London

IC Bus of Deutsche Bahn

Cheap luxury intercity IC buses operated by German Railways / Deutsche Bahn connect Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof with Antwerp, Eindhoven, Roermond, and on some weekends, London. The IC Bus offers a faster, cheaper and more convenient alternative than the train. The IC Bus runs four times per day with savings tickets between Düsseldorf and Eindhoven or Eindhoven … Read more

By IC Bus from Düsseldorf to Brussels and Roermond

IC Bus of Deutsche Bahn

This routing has change! IC Buses are now available from Düsseldorf on the following routings: Flixbus offers alternative buses from Düsseldorf to Brussels or see train timetables on Deutsche Bahn. The IC Bus operated by German Railways / Deutsche Bahn provides fast and cheap transportation between Düsseldorf and Brussels (via Roermond). The IC Bus, the … Read more