Easy Public Transportation to Burg Eltz Castle near the Mosel, Germany

Getting to romantic, medieval Burg Eltz Castle in Germany is possible by public transportation (train, bus, and boat) from Koblenz and Cochem, or by car as a day trip from Frankfurt, Mainz, or Cologne. Some hiking is usually required too.

Burg Eltz - © Dominik Ketz / Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH
Burg Eltz – © Dominik Ketz / Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH

Burg Eltz, one of Germany’s most romantic medieval castles, is in a somewhat isolated valley just off the Mosel Valley near the cities Koblenz and Cochem in the Rhineland Palatinate. The traditional approach to Burg Eltz is by hiking from the small town Moselkern next to the Mosel River, which can be reached by car, train, or boat. In summer, a frequent bus service is available from Hatzenport to near the castle. Drivers may get closer to the castle but some hiking is usually required to get to the medieval building itself. Day trip tours from Frankfurt to Burg Eltz are often available.

Getting to Burg Eltz on Foot

Burg Eltz Castle

Burg Eltz is traditionally approached on foot via the Elzbach (Elz Stream) valley from Moselkern on the Mosel River. The easy 5-km hike on mostly unpaved paths takes around an hour to 90 minutes.

The trail is marked “Burg Eltz” from the station and boat landing in Moselkern. Once at the outskirts of this small town, the trail is unpaved with somewhat steep inclines near the castle itself.

Many other longer and more challenging hiking trails are available from other starting points to the castle. Enquire at the castle or local tourist information offices for details.

Easy Public Transportation to Burg Eltz

Google Map Burg Eltz

Travel to Burg Eltz on the Regio Bus Linie 365

In summer, usually from 1 April to 1 November, the Regio Bus 365 provides a public transportation bus service directly to the parking lot at Burg Eltz from Hatzenport train sation. The service operates mostly twice per hour with traveling time of just less than half an hour.

Connections with the trains from Koblenz and Cochem or Trier are possible at Hatzenport Bahnhof — see below.

Travel to Moselkern / Burg Eltz by Train

Moselkern is the traditional departure point for hikes to Burg Eltz. (If planning to use the bus, Hatzenport station is a better option for train passengers.)

Both Moselkern and Hatzenport are stops on the hourly Regional Bahn (RB) trains from Koblenz to Cochem and Trier. The train ride takes around 30 minutes from Koblenz, 20 minutes from Cochem, and 90 minutes from Trier.

Trains to Koblenz generally run through the lovely Rhine Valley and take 90 minutes to two hours from Frankfurt or Frankfurt International Aiport (FRA) and less than an hour from Mainz, Bonn, or Cologne (Köln).

Check timetables online at German Railways:

  • To Burg Eltz with bus 365 (daily from 1 April to 1 November).
  • To Moselkern by train and then walk or taxi to Burg Eltz.

To Burg Eltz by Boat on the Mosel River

During the Mosel and Rhine River cruise season, generally late April to mid-October, it is sometimes possible to travel to Burg Eltz by boat from Cochem or Koblenz. The two main options are Köln–Düsseldorfer (KD) and Kolb.

Taking the boat to Moselkern and returning by train (or v.v.) is often the best option as cruises are not very frequent.

Travel to Burg Eltz by Car or Taxi

The easiest way to Burg Eltz by car is to follow Autobahn A48 from Koblenz to Trier and turn off at Mayen (exit 6) towards Münstermaifeld. From Münstermaifeld, follow the signboards to Burg Eltz via Wierschem.

From the well-marked Antoniuskapelle (St Anthony’s Chapel) parking lot, it is an 800-m (half-mile) walk to the castle itself. The road is paved but some steep inclines are tough on untrained leg muscles. A small shuttle bus (€2) is available if required.

When driving in the Mosel Valley rather than using the autobahn, turn off from the B416 on the left (north) bank of the river in Hatzenport towards Münstermaifeld. Alternatively, drivers can use the Ringelsteiner Mühle car parking lot in Moselkern and approach the castle on foot along the Elzbach.

A taxi should cost around €30 from Moselkern or Hatzenport to Burg Eltz, €70 from Koblenz, and around €100 from Frankfurt Hahn Airport. Advance reservations are advisable.

Day trip tours from Frankfurt are often available to Burg Eltz – these tours are fairly pricey but a good option for solo travelers without a car.

Burg Eltz is an easy day trip, especially for drivers, from larger German cities such as Frankfurt, Trier, and Cologne.

Burg Eltz has a long history as a family-owned castle, which allowed it to preserve its historical appearance. Opening hours are daily during the summer season with tickets sold on-site only.

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