By Bus or Train from Weeze Airport (NRN) to Düsseldorf, Duisburg and Cologne

The direct bus services between Weeze Airport (NRN) and Düsseldorf via Duisburg and Cologne have been suspended making the train the only public transportation option. For most travelers, that requires a short bus ride from the airport to Kevelaer railway station and then continuing by train — see By Train to Weeze Airport for more details.

Weeze Airport departures hall. Weeze Airport is best reached by train and bus from Düsseldorf.
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Trains — a short bus ride from Weeze Airport — are currently the best, and often only, public transportation option when traveling from NRN to Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Cologne, and other cities in the region. Most of the previous regular bus and share shuttles have been suspended. Private shuttle services from Weeze Airport are limited – compare prices and reserve well in advance. Suntransfers gives online quotations for private airport transfers without first requiring personal details or flight numbers. 

See By Train to Weeze Airport for more details.

By Train from Weeze Airport to Düsseldorf and Cologne

Trains offer the more sensible and frequent alternative for traveling from Weeze Airport to Düsseldorf and are the only option to Cologne. Small groups can save by using the Schöner-Tag-Ticket NRW.

From Weeze Airport, use the shuttle bus services to Weeze Station or to Kevelaer Station. From Weeze or Kevelaer stations, direct regional trains go to Duisburg. When traveling to Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof changes are usually required in Duisburg (if using the expensive ICE trains) or at Krefeld (and sometimes Neuss as well) when using the cheaper regional trains only. Total traveling time via either routing is around 1:40 – the ICE train brings comfort but no real speed gain at a far higher price.

Check the best options on the German Railways website: from Weeze Airport and to Weeze Airport – select “only local transportation” for the cheaper option, or when using the Schöner-Tag-Ticket NRW.

Travelers to Cologne (Köln) use the same trains as to Düsseldorf but have two options. It is sometimes possible to change to a direct train to Cologne in Krefeld for a total traveling time of 1h53. Alternatively, stay on the train and change at Düsseldorf for a total traveling time of 2h12. Using a long-distance train from any of these stations will generally increase the price but not reduce the traveling time. Travelers using the Schöner-Tag-Ticket NRW should use the regional trains only. Check the best options at German Railways Website: Weeze Airport-Köln (tick the Nur Nahverkehr / Local transportation only option for trains on which the Schöner-Tag Ticket NRW are valid).

Buy the Schöner-Tag Ticket NRW online from German Railways then it is available for travel without having to find ticket machines or correct change on arrival. It is valid for travel but usually not sold on the buses connecting the airport and Kevelaer or Weeze stations.

See By Train to Weeze Airport for more detailed information and on how to use the savings Schöner-Tag-Ticket NRW.

Airport Weeze Shuttle Bus to Düsseldorf via Duisburg

Currently, the Airport Weeze Shuttle is limited to a single bus usually shortly before midnight from the airport to Düsseldorf via Duisburg, and early morning to arrive at the airport at between 5:00 to 6:00. The journey time from Weeze Airport to Düsseldorf is just less than two hours with all buses stopping at Duisburg (an hour) en route. The €19 fare is relatively cheap but the very limited service makes the bus far less attractive than the previous frequent Flibco buses. The train is frequently a better choice.

Stops Used by Weeze Airport Buses from Düsseldorf

The Airport Weeze shuttle buses are operated by Verhuven use the following stops for the Weeze Airport service:

  • Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof – Fernbusbahnhof (Use exit Worringer Straße from the main train station building.)
  • Duisburg – Fernbusbahnhof in Mercatorstraße (to the west of the train station.
  • Weeze Airport – directly in front of the airport terminal building.

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