Cheap Bus and Trains to Memmingen Allgaü Airport (Munich West)

The cheapest transportation to Allgäu Memmingen Airport (Munich West) is often by train and bus combined with the Deutsche Bahn Bayern Ticket. The Allgäu Airport Express is faster and more convenient while further long-distance buses offer limited but cheap services.

Memmingen, Bahnhof

Getting to Allgäu Memmingen (Munich West) Airport (FMM) on public transportation is easiest with the Allgäu Airport Express buses for travelers heading to München, St Gallen or Zurich. However, German Railways trains sometimes work out cheaper than these convenient airport shuttle buses. The Deutsche Bahn (DB) Bayern Ticket offers excellent savings to small groups and individuals, especially when using further public transportation in addition to getting to or from Memmingen Airport (Munich West). The Bayern Ticket is generally the cheapest way to travel from Memmingen Airport to destinations in Munich and the rest of Bavaria.

Memmingen Airport’s location 110 km to the west of Munich is convenient for travelers to the Allgäu and Swabia regions of Germany as well as parts of Tirol in Austria. Travelers heading to smaller towns and rural ski destinations here may find pre-booked airport shuttle vans a better option than regular public transportation. Suntransfers gives online quotations for private airport transfers without first requiring personal details or flight numbers.

By Train to Allgäu Memmingen Airport (Munich West) in Germany

Memmingen Airport (Munich West) does not have its own train station but Memmingen station is only a short 12-minute bus ride away. Two bus services connect Memmingen Airport (FMM) with the bus station (ZOB) next to Memmingen DB train station:

  • Line 810/811 (Krumbach-Memmingen-Babenhausen route) operated by Brandner Bus.
  • City bus line 2 (Hühnerberg – Klinikum – ZOB – Memmingerberg / Allgäu Airport route) operated by Angele.

The route between the airport and station (as well as ticket prices) is the same on either bus service. The one-way adult fare is €3 (€2.25 for children 4 to 12). The Bayern Ticket is valid on these routes and may be bought from the bus drivers (but is then €2 more expensive than when bought from vending machines or online).

Theses buses operate according to the timetable and do not wait for delayed flights. The services are limited on Sundays, when a taxi to the station may be a better option. (AST in timetables is for a shared-taxi service that needs to be ordered by phone at least an hour in advance – the price remains the same as the regular bus fare.)

Deutsche Bahn Trains from Memmingen in Germany

Munich Old Town Towers

Memmingen is at the crossing of two long-distance German railway lines meaning good connections to various parts of Bavaria as well as Austria and Switzerland.

On the München to Lindau line (with connections to Zurich), trains run generally once per hour. Most trains are regional trains (RB or RE or ALX) on which the Bayern Ticket is valid. The time saving when using the more expensive EuroCity (EC) trains, on which the Bayern Ticket may not be used, is limited. (ALX is for the private Alex train service – it is only regional trains and all German Railways tickets are accepted.)

German Railways Timetables: Memmingen to Munich / Munich to Memmingen – tick the Only Local Transportation box if using the Bayern Ticket.

Traveling times on the local trains from Memmingen are:

  • München – 1h45 (1h15 on the EC)
  • Augsburg – 70 min
  • Buchloe – 45 min (26 min on EC)
  • Lindau – 1h22

Only regional trains operate on the Ulm to Kempten route. These Regional Bahn (RB) and Regional Express (RE) trains generally run twice per hour to Ulm but less frequently to Kempten. Traveling times from Memmingen are:

  • Ulm – half an hour on the RE, around 45 minutes on the RB trains.
  • Kempten – around 25 minutes on either train.

Travelers to the Disney-like Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau should change trains in Buchloe for Füssen and continue from there by bus. Total traveling time from the airport to Schwangau is around three hours – less than an hour by car.

Save with the Bayern Ticket to Memmingen Airport (Munich West)

The standard ticket fare for a train journey from Memmingen to München Hauptbahnhof in central Munich is €24 for local trains (RB/RE) and €26 for using the faster EuroCity trains.

A Bayern-Ticket Single, however, cost only €23 and allows for unlimited travel for the day on virtually all public transportation in Bavaria. It immediately pays for itself on the airport to Munich journey as the €3 for the bus is also covered. Furthermore, the Bayern Ticket is also valid for further transportation on Munich’s trains, trams, and buses.

Small groups save even more with the standard Bayern-Ticket. It cost €23 for the first traveler and add €5 for each additional traveler to a maximum of €43 for five traveling together. The Deutsche Bahn website will also offer other special deals if applicable but the Bayern Ticket is hard to beat, especially if using further public transportation.

See Cheap Rail and Bus Travel with the Bayern Ticket for more information on its benefits and limitations (e.g. only valid for travel after 9 am on weekdays and only on local trains and buses). The Bayern Ticket is €2 more when bought from a bus driver or station ticket window and not from a vending machine or online.

Long-Distance Buses from Memmingen to Munich

Long-distance buses from Memmingen to Munich may work out even cheaper for solo travelers, although the Bayern Ticket is usually cheaper for groups or if planning to use more public trains and buses in Munich. Flixbus has a few buses per day from Memmingen station with fares as low as €8 (and occasionally even cheaper when super discount deals are offered). Currently, Mein Fernbus even has a single bus per day from Memmingen Airport itself to downtown Munich. The Allgäu Airport Express has far more services and is a safer option, especially when traveling from the airport when flight delays are possible.

See also Getting to Memmingen Airport for more transportation options and a map and Allgäu Airport Express to Memmingen Munich West for direct airport shuttle buses not covered by the Bayern Ticket.

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