By Bus from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Koblenz

The Rhein-Mosel Express Bus line 615 (Airport Shuttle) provides cheap transportation to Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN) from Koblenz via Kastellaun and Emmelshausen. The bus is no longer operated by Bohr and currently no bus goes through to Cologne but trains to Köln are frequent from Koblenz.

Deutsches Eck at Night
Deutsches Eck in Koblenz © Koblenz-Touristik

The Rhein-Mosel Express Bus line 615 provides an airport shuttle bus service up to eight times per day from Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Koblenz (Hauptbahnhof and Stadtmitte). These airport shuttle buses are operated by Zieckenheiner – Bohr is no longer involved and no buses continue to Cologne (Köln). En route, the airport shuttle buses also stop also at Kastellaun and Emmelshausen. These buses offer the cheapest and easiest public transportation from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Koblenz, a city with great railway links to other towns in the Rhine Valley including Bonn and Cologne.

NOTE in 2024: Public transportation and bus services to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) are very limited in 2024. The bus services to Frankfurt (via Mainz) and to Koblenz are the most likely to operate with trains from these cities available to all parts of Germany. However, even these bus services are limited to the arrival and departure times of the few flights. Renting a car, taxi, or transfer shuttle from Hahn may be very expensive.

Taxis and private airport shuttle services from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport are fairly expensive. For small groups traveling to destinations hard to reach by public transportation, such airport shuttles may be of interest but compare prices and book ahead. Get online quotations for private airport transfers without first requiring personal details or flight numbers.

By Bus from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Koblenz in Germany

The Rhein-Mosel Express Bus 615 (previously service 610) provides up to eight buses per day between Koblenz and Frankfurt Hahn Airport. These buses are operated by Zickenheiner as regional bus line 615, or as Airport Shuttle Koblenz – Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

The current stops of Express Bus 615 between Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) and Koblenz with traveling times in minutes (minutes from Stadtmitte) are as follows:

  • Hahn (Hunsr) Flughafen Bus Stop 6 – 00 (1:38)
  • Kastellaun Bus Station – 28 (1:03)
  • Kastellaun Marktplatz – 36 (57)
  • Emmelshausen Bahnhof – 58 (40)
  • Karthause Hochschule – 84 (12)
  • Koblenz Hauptbahnhof West – 89 (6)
  • Koblenz Roonstraße – 91 (3)
  • Koblenz Stadtmitte Bahnhof / Löhr-Center – 1:38 (00)

The Hahn-Koblenz bus service is included in the German Railways online timetables – generally best to ignore options including transfers and detours.

Express Bus 615 departs from Frankfurt Hahn Airport, bus stop 6. The final destination is Koblenz Bahnhof Stadtmitte / Löhr Centre (the Stadtmitte train station in Koblenz). It also stops en route on the west side of Koblenz Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) with more train connections and in Roonstraße. Total traveling time to Koblenz is around 90 minutes.

All Express Bus 615 routes from Hahn Airport terminates at Koblenz but buses 615 departing from Koblenz with Kastellaun as final destination do not continue all the way to the airport.

These buses operate according to the timetable, which adjusts according to the season and flight schedules, and do not wait if flights are delayed.


Bus Tickets from Frankfurt Hahn Airport to Koblenz

The bus fare from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Koblenz is €14.30 (€8.60 for children 6 to 14) or €24.10 for a day return. Buy the tickets directly from the driver. Reservations are not possible for individuals but are required for groups of more than 10.

If traveling after 9 am, groups of two to five may get the best value from a Minigruppen Tageskarte (group day ticket) at €28, or even the Rheinland Pfalz Ticket, which is valid on all regional trains and most buses in the state Rhineland Palatinate.

The Airport Shuttle buses stop in Koblenz at the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) with Stadtmitte Bahnhof the final destination. This small station is conveniently in the heart of the old town. Very good rail (and KD riverboat) connections are available from Koblenz to towns on either side of the Rhine River as well as Mosel towns such as Cochem.

The Hahn-Koblenz bus service is included in the German Railways online timetables.

Travel from Frankfurt-Hahn to Cologne (Köln)

Kölner Dom & St Martin

Direct buses between Hahn Airport and Köln (Cologne) have not been running for years. The easiest and cheapest way to travel from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Cologne (Köln) is by bus to Koblenz and then by train to Cologne.

Due to the gaps in the bus schedule to Koblenz, it may sometimes be better to travel via Mainz or even Frankfurt but the train tickets from either city will be more expensive – see German Railways timetables. Flying via Cologne-Bonn Airport is a much better option.

More Transportation Options to Frankfurt Hahn Airport


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