Top Luxury Day Spas in Baden-Baden, Germany

Hot Springs in the Friedrichsbad and Caracalla-Therme, Black Forest

The historic Friedrichsbad and the Caracalla-Therme are the top luxury day spas with pools, saunas, treatments, and massages in Baden-Baden in the German Black Forest.

Friedrichsbad - Photo: Baden-Baden Kur & Tourismus GmbH (BBT)
Friedrichsbad – Photo: Baden-Baden Kur & Tourismus GmbH (BBT)

Baden-Baden is famous for its luxurious hotels, spas, casino, and classy shopping. It is the hot springs in this lovely Black Forest town that put “Bad” in Baden-Baden and many visitors travel here especially to visit the famous day spas. Many hotels have their own spas but the historic Roman-Irish Friedrichsbad and the modern Caracalla Therme are day spas open to all visitors. The Friedrichsbad is the more up-market and formal spa while families will also enjoy the larger Caracalla Therme.

  • Bad in German literally means bath but when added to a town name it indicates a spa. Baden-Baden justifiably got Bad double. The town has no less than 23 hot springs, which boil water  from around 2,000 m (6,600 ft) below the ground to the surface at temperatures of up to 68°C (154°F). Daily, around 800,000 liters (208,000 gallons) of mineral-rich waters feed the fountains and spas of Baden-Baden.

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Cheap Hotels in Passau for Danube Cruise Stays

Old Town of Passau

Comfortable Pre-Danube River Cruise Vacation Accommodation Cheap Passau hotels are ideal for pre- and post-Danube River cruise stays. Hotels range from the comfortable Holiday Inn, Passauer Wolf, Residenz, and Wilder Mann to the Rotel Inn and youth hostel. Passau is by far the most popular port for luxury Danube River cruise departures and arrivals. Danube … Read more

Cheap Tickets on Flights to Baden-Baden Airpark

Low-Cost Airlines Flying to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB) Germany

Cheap tickets are available on low-cost airlines flying to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB. The airport is convenient for travelers to the Black Forest in Germany and Alsace in France.

Air Berlin A320 D-ABDT
photo credit: monstermunch99

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB) in Baden-Airpark is increasingly popular with low-cost airlines. FKB is ideal for travelers to Baden-Baden and the northern and central Black Forest. However, it is also convenient for travelers to the lovely Alsace region in France and generally has flights much cheaper than to Strasbourg Airport. Low-cost airlines using Baden-Baden Airport include Hamburg International, Ryanair, TUIfly, and Air Berlin. Budget airlines imply low prices and cheap tickets for many flights but services may be limited and ground transportation needs a bit of planning if not continuing the journey by private car.

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Cheap Flights and Tickets to Weeze Airport

Weeze Airport (NRN) from the Air, Germany

Low Airfares on Low-Cost Airline Ryanair Flying to Düsseldorf (NRN)

Weeze Airport (NRN) is used by low-cost airline Ryanair. Passengers trade off cheap tickets and low airfares for a rather inconvenient location to the north of Düsseldorf.

Ryanair B737-800 EI-DHF
photo credit: monstermunch99

Airport Weeze (NRN) is a small regional airport 70 km to the northeast of Düsseldorf. It is close to the Dutch border and around 30 km from Nijmegen in the Netherlands. It is often advertised as an alternative airport to Flughafen Düsseldorf (DUS) but low-cost airline travelers should note that Weeze Airport is rather inconvenient for travelers to Düsseldorf and many other Ruhr cities. Suntransfers provides online quotations for transfers to any destination in Germany and the Netherlands.

  • Low-cost airline Ryanair is by far the largest operator at Airport Weeze (NRN). Ryanair insist on referring to Weeze as “Düsseldorf (Weeze)” but may use that name only in advertisement in Germany if the words “ca. 70 km from Düsseldorf” are displayed prominently.

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Cheap Flights and Tickets to Düsseldorf Airport

Save on Low-Cost and Budget Airlines Flying to DUS Airport in the Ruhr

Low-cost budget and transatlantic airlines have cheap tickets and great deals on flights flying from Europe, the USA, Canada, Africa, and Asia to Düsseldorf Airport (DUS), Germany.

Air Berlin A320 D-ABDN
photo credit: monstermunch99

Düsseldorf Flughafen (DUS) is just outside Düsseldorf and can easily be reached on public transportation. It is Germany’s third busiest airport with many low-cost airlines but also numerous intercontinental flights. Düsseldorf Airport is a major hub for Lufthansa as well as low-cost airline LTU and airberlin. Düsseldorf is convenient to many Ruhr cities including Essen, Duisburg, and even for other Rhineland cities such as Cologne (Köln) or Bonn. Trains provide cheap and fast ground transportation to Düsseldorf and other Ruhr cities.

  • Around 70 airlines fly from Düsseldorf Airport to 170 destinations worldwide. DUS is a good alternative to Frankfurt International Airport and future expansion may offer good deals for travelers from the US and Canada in particular.

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Cheap Flights to Cologne Airport (CGN), Germany

Low Airfares on Budget Airlines Flying to Köln/Bonn Airport (CGN)

Cologne/Bonn Airport (CGN) is very popular with low-cost budget airlines. Cheap flights go to over 100 destinations including London, the UK, Scandinavia, and Southern Europe.

photo credit: fxp

Cologne/Bonn Airport (Köln/Bonn Flughafen or CGN) claims to be the most important low-cost airline hub on continental Europe. Non-stop flights from Cologne/Bonn Airport went to 130 destinations in 2006. In contrast to many other European airports popular with low-cost airlines, Cologne/Bonn Airport is very conveniently located for travelers to Cologne (Köln) and other Rhineland towns. Ground transportation is particularly fast and easy to Cologne Main Station (Köln Hauptbahnhof), which is a major railway hub in Western Germany.

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Fly to German Christmas Markets / Weihnachtsmärkte

Cheap Flights and Low Airfares from London, UK, & Ireland to Germany Low-cost airlines have cheap airfares and discount tickets on flights from airports in London, the UK, and Ireland to visit advent Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmärkte) in Germany. photo credit: heldr Cheap flights are a major consideration for travelers from Britain and Ireland when flying … Read more

Cheap Flights to Hamburg Airport

Low Airfares and Bargains on Budget Airlines Flying to HAM in Northern Germany

Low-cost airlines including Air Berlin, Easyjet, Germanwings, OLT, and Lufthansa offer cheap tickets and low airfares on direct, non-stop flights to Hamburg Airport (HAM) in Northern Germany.

Rathaus, Hamburg
photo credit: dmytrok

From Hamburg Airport, over a hundred destinations can be reached on non-stop flights on both full-service and low-cost airlines. Low-cost airlines and charter flights allow for cheap flights to Hamburg although even traditional full-service airlines, including Lufthansa, often have special cheap tickets and deals during quiet periods.

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Cheap Flights to Lübeck-Blankensee Airport in Germany

Low Airfares to Hamburg Lübeck (LBC) on Ryanair and Wizz Air

Lübeck Airport (LBC) in Northern Germany is an alternative for cheap flights with low airfares to Hamburg on low-cost budget airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air.

Am Markt
photo credit: jphintze

Lübeck Blankensee Airport (LBC) is a small regional airport near the Baltic Sea town Lübeck. Flughafen Lübeck Blankensee is mostly used by low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Wizz Air as an alternative airport to Hamburg (HAM). Although most passengers on cheap flights to Lübeck-Blankensee are probably heading towards Hamburg, many travelers would also enjoy the beautiful old town of Lübeck, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

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Cheap Flights to Hannover Airport in Germany

Low Airfares to Flughafen Hanover HAJ on Low-Cost Carriers and East European Airlines Hanover Airport (HAJ) has cheap flights and discount airfares on low-cost airlines to German, Mediterranean, East European, and Central Asian destinations. photo credit: treehouse1977 Hannover (Hanover in English) Airport (HAJ) is in Lower Saxony in Northern Germany. Most flights are on low-cost … Read more