Hotels & Restaurants in Spessart, Bavaria, Germany

Sleeping and Eating in Aschaffenburg, Miltenberg, Amorbach, and Wertheim

Hotels and restaurants in Spessart towns such as Aschaffenburg, Miltenberg, Amorbach, and Wertheim are reasonably priced and cheaper than more popular German vacation and business centers such as Frankfurt am Main and W├╝rzburg.

Brauerei Burkarth in Amorbach Franconian Food in the Restaurant in Schloss Johannisberg in Aschaffenburg

Hotels in the Spessart-Main-Odenwald region are pleasantly cheap compared to more popular vacation regions in Bavaria. Most visitors speed through to larger centers such as Frankfurt am Main and W├╝rzburg even though local hotels offer good value for money. Restaurants are plentiful to cater for the high number of day visitors from larger cities touring the area especially over weekends.

Hotels and Restaurants in Aschaffenburg, Germany

The Hotel-Restaurant Post is to the north of Aschaffenburg’s small old town close to the main station. The hotel is modern with comfortable, well-equipped rooms. The stylish Post serves mostly international cuisine while the Bistro Oscar offers simpler local dishes.

Hotel-Restaurant Post, Goldbacher Stra├če 19-21, 63739 Aschaffenburg, tel 06021-3340, fax 06021-13483.


The Hotel Wilder Mann has an almost 500-year history and has been managed by the same family for four generations. Behind the historical fa├žade are modern, comfortable rooms. The restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes including large fish and vegetarian selections.

Hotel Wilder Mann, L├Âherstrasse 51, 63739 Aschaffenburg, tel 06021-3020, fax 06021-302-234.


The very pleasant and popular Hotel Zum Goldenen Ochsen is in a listed half-timbered building. Rooms have all modern comforts, some with views of the Schloss Johannisberg. The restaurant serves regional cuisine.

Hotel Zum Goldenen Ochsen, Karlstra├če 16, 63739 Aschaffenburg, tel 06021-23132, fax 06021-25785.

The Schlossweinstuben, tel 06021-12440, is inside Schloss Johannisberg and has several rooms ranging from rustic to elegant. The outdoor seating with views of the Main River and the Pompejanium is very pleasant too. Food is unashamedly Franconian and the wine list long.

Hotels & Restaurants in Miltenberg, Germany

The Brauerei Keller is in the heart of the lovely half-timbered old town of Miltenberg on the Main River. Rooms in this late 16th-century building are comfortably furnished with mostly cherry and oak furniture. The restaurant serves mostly regional specialties.

Hotel Brauerei Kellr, Hauptstra├če 66, 63871Miltenberg, tel 09371-5080, fax 09371-508-100.

The Altes Bannhaus was once part of the Muldenburg castle and in the past has served as arsenal and prison, as the name suggests. The hotel has only 10 rooms, which are functionally furnished. More famous is the restaurant, which serves regional dishes with a nouvelle cuisine touch in a 13th-century vaulted cellar.

Hotel Altes Bannhaus, Haupstra├če 211, 63897 Miltenberg, tel 09371-3061, fax 09371-68754.

The restaurant Riesen, Hauptstra├če 97, tel 09371-989-948, has been family owned since 1411, although the current building dates from only 1583. Food is regional and fairly basic.

The Kaffeehaus im Altstadtmarkt, Hauptstra├če 129, tel 09371-660-830, is a modern outfit inside a historic building in the main road of old town Miltenberg. In addition to fantastic cakes and tarts, small mostly Italian dishes are also served.

Hotels & Restaurants in Amorbach, Germany

A few miles from the center of Amorbach, in an early 18th-century former monastery building, is Der Schafhof. This hotel with restaurant has a lovely location and classy rooms individually furnished in a country-house style. The gourmet restaurant Abt- & Sch├Ąferstube serves international cuisine while the food and atmosphere are more rustic and regional in the Benediktinerstube.

Hotel Der Schafhof, Schafhof 1, 63916 Amorbach, tel 09737-97330, fax 09373-4120.

In Amorbach itself, directly on the market square, is the pleasant Brauerei Burkarth, Am Marktplatz 4, tel 09373-4363. This restaurant offers regional as well as some international dishes in a rustic local.

Hotels & Restaurants in Wertheim, Germany

Hotel Schwan is erected on top of part of the former town wall of Wertheim and is thus not surprisingly at the edge of the old town. Rooms are comfortable and mostly with Main River views. The suites are stylish, very modern, and worth the slight surcharge. The restaurant serves mostly local cuisine.

Hotel Schwan, Mainplatz 8, 97877 Wertheim, tel 09342-92-330, fax 09342-923-366.

Youth Hostels in Wertheim, Germany

In Wertheim, the youth hostel Frankenland is about 15 minutes walking uphill from the station. The youth hostel has lovely views of the old town. Alte Steige 16, 97877 Wertheim, tel 09342-6451, fax 09342-7354. (Being in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, this hostel is not subject to the Bavarian preference to under-27s rules.)

Camping in the Bavarian Spessart

Several camping sites are on the banks of Main near Wertheim. The ones listed below all have very good facilities and some shade.

Camping Main Spessart Park is just off the Autobahn A3. It is open year round and has 360 lots. 97855 Triefenstein-Lengfurt, tel 09395-1079, fax 09395-8295.

The Main Spessart Camping International is right on the banks of the Main close to Lohr. It is open from April to October and has 340 lots. 97845 Neustadt am Main, tel 09393-639, fax 09393-1607.

Just a few river bends upriver from Wertheim is the Campingplatz Wertheim-Bettingen. It is open from April to October and has 200 lots. 97877 Wertheim-Bettingen, tel 09342-7077, fax 09342-913-077.

Top sightseeing sites in Bavarian the Spessart-Main-Odenwald region worth exploring include Miltenberg with magnificent half-timbered houses, the romantic Schloss Mespelbrunn Castle, Amorbach with important Baroque and Rococo buildings, Aschaffenburg with its Renaissance palace, and Wertheim at the confluence of the Main and Tauber Rivers.

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