Outdoor Adventures and Activities in the Bavaria Spessart

Walking, Hiking, Cycling, Parachuting, Boating, and Wine Festivals

The lovely nature of the Spessart in Bavaria encourages outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, parachuting, and boating to balance cultural sightseeing and wine sampling.

The Pompejanum on the Banks of the Main River in Aschaffenburg

Guided Town Walks in Miltenberg on the Main in Bavaria

From May to October, on Wednesday and Saturday at 10:30 am, the tourist office in Miltenberg conducts guided walking tours of the town.

Countryside Hikes in the Spessart, Germany

The R├Âmerweg (Romans Route) is a 19-km (12-mile) circular route leading from the Marktplatz in Miltenberg. It is marked with a yellow R and includes historical sites associated with the Romans (and Celts) in addition to marvelous views of the Main Valley.

The Fr├Ąnkischer Rotweingwanderweg (Franconian Red Wine Hiking Route), is around 50 km (30 miles) and usually divided into 5 stages. It follows the Main upstream from Gro├čwallstadt to Miltenberg and passes famous red wine producing areas such as Klingenberg and B├╝rgstadt.

Cycling in the Bavarian Spessart-Main-Odenwald

Bicycles can be rented in Aschaffenburg from Fahrradstation am Hauptbahnhof, tel 06021-374-288; in Amorbach from Eichhorn, tel 09373-2328; and in Wertheim from Zweiradfachgesch├Ąft J├╝rgen Baumann, Neben-Neugasse 5, tel 09342-1214, or from Bike und Sports, M├╝hlenstra├če 53, tel 09342-913161.

The ADFC Aschaffenburg, Manfred R├Âllinghoff, H├Âhenweg 12, tel 06021-66395, arranges cycling tours in the region on most Sundays. The routes range from easy to very difficult and are usually to interesting historical sights in the region.

On many weekends, Michael Roth, M├╝hlenstra├če 48, Wertheim, tel 09342-91-7576, conducts guided cycling tours starting from Wertheim.

Parachuting Over the Spessart in Germany

For parachuting jumps including tandem jumps, contact Fallschirm Sprungzentrum, Flugplatz Mainbullau, 63897 Miltenberg, tel 09371-90-390.

Horse-Drawn Carriages from Miltenberg in Bavaria

In Miltenberg, horse-drawn carriage rides are offered ranging from a 25-minute ride through the old town to half-day trips to nearby Amorbach. For information and reservations contact Siegfried Ihmig, Mainzer Stra├če 15, 63897 Miltenberg, tel 09371-8778 or 0173-521-1544.

Boating and Kayaking on the Main and Tauber Rivers

Rowing and pedal boats can be rented in Miltenberg from Dieter F├╝rst, Steing├Ąsserstra├če 50, tel 09371-1507 or 0171-697-0656.

In Wertheim, kayaks can be rented from Inge Schiffler, Danziger Stra├če 29, tel 09342-84-687.

Riverboats on the Main from Aschaffenburg, Miltenberg, and Wertheim

Most major towns along the Main offer cruises ranging from hour-long local cruises to daytrips to further destinations. The widest choice is available from Miltenberg and Wertheim. The season is generally from April to September with more cruises over weekends and none on Monday.

  • On a quiet day, double-check whether the boat will depart on a specific time or only after enough people have boarded.

In Aschaffenburg, contact Aschaffenburger Personenfahrt, Ruhlandstra├če 5, tel 06021-87-288. In Miltenberg and Wertheim, contact Reederei Henneberger, Veitsh├Âchheimer Personenschifffahrt, Mainanlagen, Miltenberg, tel 09371-3330.

Wine Festivals in the Spessart-Main-Odenwald, Germany

Wine plays a major role in the economy and culture of the Main region and most towns with a wine industry has at least one annual wine festival – the exact dates are available from local tourist offices.

Famous wine festivals include Miltenberg (mid-May, mid-July, mid-September, and end September to early October), Klingenberg (August), and Wertheim (August).

Hotels and restaurants in the Spessart are generally far cheaper than those in larger and better-known towns. Further sights in the Spessart-Main-Odenwald region worth exploring include Miltenberg with magnificent half-timbered houses, the romantic Schloss Mespelbrunn Castle, Amorbach with important Baroque and Rococo buildings, Aschaffenburg with its Renaissance palace, and Wertheim at the confluence of the Main and Tauber Rivers.

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