Cheap Ryanair Flights to Top German Christmas Markets

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Ryanair has cheap flights from British airports to various cities in Germany with popular Christmas markets including Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Leipzig, Düsseldorf and Munich.

Traveling to the best Christmas markets in Germany from the UK and Ireland is cheap on Ryanair flights to Frankfurt-Hahn, Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Weeze, Baden-Baden, Leipzig and Bremen. Ryanair has flights from London-Stansted and other airports in the British Isles to Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt-Hahn, Weeze (Düsseldorf), Memmingen (Munich), Altendorf (Leipzig), and Karlsruhe-Baden Baden in Germany. Getting from these airports to a Weihnachtsmarkt / Christkindlesmarkt is generally easy.

Ryanair currently offers direct flights from the UK (London-Stansted and Manchester) to Nuremberg (Nürnberg) with one of Germany’s best-loved Christmas markets. Low-cost airline EasyJet also have cheap flights from Britain to many airports in Germany.

Cheap Flights on Ryanair to Nuremberg (Nürnberg)

Nuremberg (Nürnberg) in Bavaria is home to one of Germany’s best-known and most-loved Christmas markets. The Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt has been held since at least the 16th century at the heart of this historic city.

Ryanair has direct flights from Britain to Nuremberg. Ryanair flies twice daily on most day from London-Standsted (STN) to Nuremberg Airport (NUE). Advance reservations are often very cheap, especially if weekend travel can be avoided. Transportation to Nuremberg Airport is very cheap with the U-Bahn train ride to downtown taking only 12 minutes.

Other options for flying to Nuremberg from Britain include direct flights from London-Gatwick on BA or connecting flights e.g. Lufthansa or Eurowings via other German airports, KLM via Amsterdam or Air France via Paris. Transportation from Munich Airport to Nuremberg is fairly simple with bargain travel available for small groups using the Bavaria Ticket.

Cheap Flights on Ryanair to Berlin Christmas Markets

Berlin is not only the most interesting city to visit in Germany but Berlin also has the largest number of Christmas markets of any city. Berlin has well over a hundred Christmas markets and even if only Berlin’s major Christmas markets are taken into account the German capital has more to offer than other cities. Furthermore, some Berlin Christmas markets are open on December 25 with many open a few days after Christmas and some even the first week of January.

Ryanair has cheap flights to Berlin-Schönefeld Airport (SXF) from London-Stansted (STN), East Midlands (EMA), Edinburgh (EDI), Manchester (MAN), and Belfast, as well as from the Irish airports Shannon and Dublin (DUB).

Transportation from Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF) to central Berlin is easiest by train. In central Berlin, buses are often easier and more pleasant to use than the trains.


Cheap Flights on Ryanair to Frankfurt (FRA)

Although the majority of Ryanair’s flights to Frankfurt goes to Hahn – see below – a few Ryanair flights now also arrive at the far more convenient Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) just a few minutes outside the city. From Frankfurt Airport, fast cheap local S-Bahn train connections are available to downtown Frankfurt am Main, the Messe show grounds, or in the opposite direction to Mainz, Wiesbaden and the Rhine Valley.

Currently, Ryanair flights to Frankfurt Airport (FRA) are available from a few British airports including London-Stansted and Manchester. If Frankfurt is the final destination, it is worth paying extra for these flights rather than drag out all the way to Hahn.

Cheap Flights on Ryanair to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) is Ryanair’s main hub in Germany. Despite the name, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is a good 90 minutes by road from Frankfurt am Main. It is well worth paying a bit extra for flights going the Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). The closest Christmas markets near Frankfurt-Hahn Airport are in the small towns Bernkastel-Kues and Cochem on the Mosel River. Public transportation is not available from the airport to these towns.

Buses to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) are available to many cities including Frankfurt am Main, Mainz and Wiesbaden, Trier, Koblenz, Heidelberg, and Cologne / Köln). All these cities have great Christmas markets and offer more off-market entertainment too. Some Flibco Bohr buses to Frankfurt can now often be booked as Flixbus (great discount offers) or as an IC Bus (with all German Railways / Deutsche Bahn discounts and free travel for children).

Ryanair has cheap flights to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN) from London-Stansted (STN), Edinburgh (EDI), Kerry (KIR), and Dublin (DUB). (Most of the Ryanair flights from Hahn go southwards to sunnier destinations.)

Cheap Flights on Ryanair to Christmas Markets in Bremen, Germany

A popular reason for choosing to visit a Christmas market in the Hanseatic City of Bremen is the ease of transportation from Bremen Airport (BRE) to downtown Bremen. It is a simple 15-minute tram ride from the airport to the city center and taxis should be reasonably cheap too.

Ryanair has cheap flights to Bremen Airport (BRE) in Northern Germany from London-Stansted (STN) and Dublin.

Cheap Flights on Ryanair to Köln-Bonn Airport

Ryanair flies to Köln-Bonn Airport (CGN) from London-Stansted, Bristol, Manchester and Dublin. Although mostly used by budget airlines, Köln-Bonn airport is very conveniently located with easy public transportation to both Cologne and Bonn. Cologne has several Christmas markets with the large Gothic cathedral (Dom) providing a perfect backdrop to the largest one.

Cologne may also easily be reached by train from London.

Cheap Ryanair Flights to Christmas Markets near Weeze Airport

Weeze Airport (NRN) to the north of Düsseldorf is convenient for travelers to some Ruhr cities but is rather inconvenient for travelers to Düsseldorf or Cologne (Köln) – the two cities in the region with the best Christmas markets. See Transportation to Weeze Airport before booking.

Ryanair uses Weeze Airport (NRN) as its second hub in Germany and has flights to here from London-Stansted (STN) and Edinburgh (EDI). Most flights from Düsseldorf-Weeze go south to Mediterranean beach resorts.

Cheap Flights on Ryanair to Munich Christmas Market

Ryanair has cheap flights to Memmingen Airport FFM (Munich West) in the Allgäu region of Bavaria. Transportation from Memmingen Airport to Munich is relatively easy but does take some time. Fortunately, München has a good Christmas market – now often at least partly open after Christmas day too – and is a great city to visit.

Ryanair has cheap flights to Memmingen Airport (Munich West) from London-Stansted (STN), Edinburgh and Dublin..

Cheap Flights on Ryanair to Dortmund Airport

Ryanair flies to Dortmund Airport from London-Stansted and Liverpool. Dortmund sometimes claims to have the biggest Christmas market in Germany but these flights are probably more interesting to Germans traveling to Britain. Public transportation to Dortmund Airport is easiest by bus.

Cheap Flights to Karlsruhe-Baden Baden Airport (FXB)

Ryanair has cheap flights to Karlsruhe-Baden-Baden Airport (FXB) from London-Stansted Airport (STN) and Edinburgh. Baden Baden is a beautiful and prosperous city with fine spa facilities and up-market shopping while the natural beauty of the Black Forest may be enjoyed in all seasons. It is probably the main destination n Germany other than the Alps with the best chances for snow during the Advent season.

Transportation from Baden Airpark is easy to Baden Baden and Karlsruhe.

Cheap Flights on Ryanair to Hamburg Airport

Ryanair has cheap flights from Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin, and London-Stansted to Germany’s second-largest city Hamburg. Hamburg is famous for its harbor and active nightlife but the city has a few fine Christmas markets too although a side trip to romantic Lübeck may be a better idea for fairy tale beautiful Christmas markets.

EasyJet also has many flights from the UK to Germany for cheap trips to German Christmas markets.

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